• G. Khatskevich

    It is well known calming effect of water. Even the mere contemplation of a quiet creek, river or sea balances the nervous sistemu.A water treatments are the perfect sedative. The atmosphere of Bath, its gentle heat and water again, give a sense of emotional balance. There was even a case that a man came out of the bath in a bad mood. Even if he came to the bath in a bad mood, it will come out of it with a smile. On his cheeks will burn rumyanets. Uspokoiv nervous system, a bath lift and a feeling of fatigue. The person feels fresher because, along with then leave the excess lactic acid, which is constantly accumulating in the muscles and aggravate a sense of fatigue. Sauna heat, warming the skin, muscles and various tissues and organs, causing a pleasant relaxed, uninhibited. And such a serene, uncomplicated, easy state contributes to metabolism, the violation of which is why after a bath ustalost. Vot felt an extraordinary lightness and optimizm. Odnim evidence of soothing bath features a beautiful dream as a “rescue of the nervous system.” Researchers concluded that the reduction processes during quiet sleep occur in two to three times faster. Shakespeare called sleep miracle of Mother Nature, of the delicious dishes on the earth’s feast.




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