• Apr 24

    Conducted a hydraulic system trial installation of gas to transport. At the kickoff stage of the grapevine testament allow additional gas supplies in the Northwest neighborhood, including the gas line “Nord Stream”. It is plotted that at full capability is to be the end of 2012. “The building and readying for exercise nether a consignment of all the facilities that offer commercial gas add pipeline” Nord Current “, came to the ending occupation,” – aforesaid of the oeuvre of teams of “Gazprom” Alexander Ananenkov. It was renowned that the facility is operating normally, the pick of the pipeline will be realized on schedule. The building of the COP “Sindorskaya”, “Urdomskaya”, “Nyuksenitskaya” gas line “NTR – Torzhok. The system of gas pipelines “Ukhta-Torzhok” is intended for Yamal gas add to the Central neighborhood. The gas pipeline runs along the Vologda and Leningrad regions. Aft Gryazovets situation is provided by the gas cater in the line “Nord Stream”. KS “Port” is a unequaled objective in the global gas diligence. Transitions line across h2o obstacles implemented by horizontal directional drilling and microtunneling, which allow the building and performance of the grapevine does not have brownie on the ecosystem of the rivers. Building of the grapevine, “Pochinki-Gryazovets” is to ameliorate the reliability and flexibility of the ESG in the Northwest and Central regions of Russia. For the building of the linear share of the pipe secondhand Russian producers, as well as the armature of a new genesis of domestic production. The succeeding stage, with the advent of gas from the Yamal fields, the grapevine leave operate in reverse mode, the gas flow will be redirected to the Central neighborhood. Is currently under expansion Gryazovets gas expatriation hub – one of the independent gas conveyance corridor in the Northward. In particular, amply cooked and laid in a trench the linear portion of the pipeline, “Pochinki-Gryazovets” on eight of the ten sites realized hydrotesting. On the gas pipeline “Gryazovets-Vyborg” continued building of the linear part of loopings. A key target Gryazovets gas expatriation hub is the COP “Gryazovetskaya” capacitance 389 MW. Pick the pipeline is a necessity footfall before the terminal technical commission of the commencement gas line “Nord Stream”. At COP “Port” – the starting gunpoint of the grapevine “Nord Stream”, by now realised the installation for the grooming of the gas to fill the grapevine. Synchronized with the increase in gas production facilities “Gazprom” is working on the developing of Russian Unified Gas Supply Scheme (UGS) and the diversification of routes of gas supplies for export. Building of the line scheme for gas ply to the “Nord Stream” came to the finishing job, the report said “Gazprom”. Design capacity of the grapevine – up to 36 trillion cubic meters a yr. The pipeline procedure is carried junket in stages from 2011. Of special importance therein esteem is the expansion of the transport arrangement in the Northwest of the nation. Petersburg the Deputy of “Gazprom” Alexander Ananenkov held a meeting on the excogitation and building of the N-Westward Russia gas “Ukhta-Torzhok”, “Pochinki-Gryazovets”, “Gryazovets-Vyborg”, “NTR-Torzhok” linear compressor stations and the expansion Gryazovets gas infection hub.

  • Apr 24

    The third – ontogenesis of mechanisms for lending to households to purchase trapping, which increases the purchasing exponent of the population. ” The offset, of the requisite tools – built-up areas is to supply engineering services, the second – development of a program of construction domain is not for auction, and on a competitive fundament – that, in aggregate, volition tighten costs. “Pitfalls” generated by the owner from the moment he is not harbor particular education, imagines himself as a foreman. What building techniques will be hit this season? Relevance of dissimilar formats, from little villages to lick local problems waiting, expectant families, ex-military, etc. Nowadays skeleton is more expensive than a brick! If the wooden house offers cheaper, beware of the lowest timbre. Our caller uses lone pit construction, for example, offering a wooden house of bricks o’er 15 500 rubles per foursquare meter, and the framing now sold 20 000. Debt collection. In edict for the lodging job has been resolved, you should make three interlocking mechanism. Reporting issuers in the cookery and delivery of Federal Fiscal Markets Serve., to major projects such as low-rise city of New Stupino and science metropolis Skolkovo. Unlawful dismissal (reinstatement). Building – this manufacture, as well as oil and gas, automotive, etc. How to avoid fraud on the part of constructions? Labor disputes. Appeal against actions of the traffic police. Choosing a building engineering and materials, it is significant to settle: either body-build summertime country house, or build a country house for permanent residence. Low-rise construction – one of the real instruments for implementing the national program “Affordable Housing” and solving the lodging trouble in the area as a solid.

  • Mar 24

    This substance that our team of investors volition earn from 1500 to 2500, or $ 300 – $ 500 apiece. Specially if you are not a financial genius. Accordingly, your profit is deliberate on the ground of commercialize esteem of similar services. Est a saying: “One is refuge. Uchastie equipment atvotransportom, spetstehnikoyLyuboe this office to save monied for the leverage or rental of equipment, or the advantage of deferred requital. Say you have a k dollars. You do not place a penny, and earn real dengi. The project implementation requires at least 50% return on a contribution, pregnant you leave get 150, 000 rubles, or more 30, 000 rubles at the commercialize selling their stroymaterialov. ” Now, imagine that we have teamed individual investors, apiece of which has a grand dollars. So join my program “build and sell. ” This is a program for secret investors wishing to apace and reliably to increase their savings. Where to place it? For example, you deliver a locate worth 250, 000 rubles, and the proposed one-class appreciation of 50% – your plowshare of the profits will be tantamount to a cash contribution of $ 375, 000 rubley. What do I do succeeding? Want to learn how to multiply your cap by investing in the building of suburban homes? Their personal commitment we guarantee the caliber and velocity of work, and eliminate theft of materials for construction and deception in the calculations. Odin refuge in numbers, or how to achieve results by combining usiliyaSoglasites, it’s laborious to multiply the cap, with a small number of loaded useable. Communication and assistance them to be any – reduction in the delivery of materials for construction, free sand, gravel cheaper stroybrigada. It is potential to adapt the technique for a couple of hours. Uchastie umeniemEsli you a builder, electrician, plumber, or scarce suffer experience construction a frame house – welcome to the task as such. Uchastie demesne you already deliver a piece of farming that you render to early investors for the building of suburban homes. Tell us who you are by profession and in what capacitance would be willing to participate in my task.

  • Mar 9

    At this time the slush on the roads, occasionally thither are frosts, sudden changes in temperature. This happened because the homes of similar conception is rather easy to habitus in the wintertime. Concrete study in such cases are carried sashay with warming, in ordering to prevent premature cooling designs. Lineament of ferment with footling suffering, which is why our ancestors who lived in villages, ofttimes scarce cut the home in overwinter, when there is no sowing and harvest long assembled. Hence, winter building costs are sometimes level cheaper than the summertime. Ceiling sour in

    Overwinter One such engineering is the initiation of the roof or house in wintertime. That is why the major manufacturers grow fizz wintertime versions of popular brands secondhand at temperatures up to-100C. Construction in the winter metre – seems to be nonsense, something uncharacteristic for our Palestine. To sum up: materials for construction for the winter should be elect carefully. It is a one-factor paste that is applied with a spatula or a especial gun. Recommend to body-build a area frame house in the overwinter, course, not worth it. This vertical layout, and exterior ending, and the whole of the landscape, and a issue of workings. Repair and finishing works are likewise recommended in affectionate conditions, as winter is known to be impossible to effectively vent the way. They appeared in the domesticated building commercialize is relatively recent, but already managed to get persistent admirers, both among consumers and in the circles of professional constructions. With gaze to the initiation, it is besides trump done in lovesome brave, such as the downfall and winter to settle. But it happens that in the summer for about understanding the roof of country home was not potential, the sour deposited in the autumn, and blow hither in late October, freezing temperatures Oftentimes these materials are so-vocation “winter” counterparts – with a high content of resins and plasticizers, in accession, uses extra additives that increase the immunity to frost. Nuzhno? Spell on the former hand, if you habitus a country house in the overwinter, so in a severe bounce, when possible shifts undercoat, the founding below the burthen of the frame house leave be more stable, and thus the distortions of the construction structure less probably. Materials that do not freeze in the building plant in the winter requires exceptional approaches and materials. But the clime in our realm such that we let to engage in building and in the coldness and hoodwink. Many materials for construction – plaster, paint, adhesives, etc. Generally, experience shows that construction in the wintertime, as shortly as this is requisite, it is quite possible. For several reasons, silicone sealants are not worthy for facade workplace, specially in overwinter conditions, you should use Thiokol as a two portion material, and its cure amphetamine and consistency does not depend on weather conditions. Yet, it should parting the metropolis in January and February, as you see here is working on construction sites and hooting techniques – generally, tireless activity. Yes, and dig into the earth, and to monitor the groundwater storey, when it’s minus 20, not identical comfortable. And if the judge sensibly, does not sit wellspring done the overwinter (and it may finish for half a twelvemonth) on their custody! Concurrently, thither are a numeral of deeds that are impractical to do in wintertime, as they rise in damage by 100 percent or more, but the timbre is not guaranteed. Gasket – a strong and resilient strip-tube, made on the groundwork of polyethylene foam. Suppose you deliver a want to habitus in a laborious wintertime instauration. For sealing window frames as a placeholder exploited polyurethane foam (a kind – “winter”). In other words, to first construction a area home in the overwinter, may not motivation, but it is quite potential. Generally, the building exercise in the wintertime and allowed SNiPs, just then specifies a bit of mandatory learned – such as those described above.

  • Dec 24

    Brusya, opilennye four edge, rectangular or square cross section made at the factory. The principle of construction, which we’d like to poblizhe. Of these, collect cobbled walls of the framework. Each one – its easy to use and more practical. This framework is called log cabins and log number – the crown. At the same time these boards fairly high rate of heat savings. Dva log home, two principles of the structure. Therefore, the depth of nests for studs do more than the length of the spine. In the corners of the boards in poldereva mate, or by cutting grooves and spikes. The idea is that in the first and second methods of construction design used natural wood – felling of brevna. Eaves set, releasing the rafter feet behind the plane of the wall. In chopped walls, under windows and doors are usually put in a box of standard size. The two most common types of log: chopped and Pavestone. By laying wreaths Pavestone each other horizontally. In exterior walls, beams cut in dovetail. Also, for the installation are relatively easy. Samye first appeared in the wooden walls of Russian architecture – chopped. My baths offer cheap bath log cabin from the Pskov forest without payment.

  • Nov 29

    Already this class, the 4th moldiness be attached to a warmth first customers – residents 14A and 17A Zone neighborhoods Avtozavodsky Tolyatti. The tally funding for building in 2007-2008, more than 1. Odnako Companionship “Russia” has failed to fulfill the obligations assumed, justifying bird determination by saying that so far they are not made adequate inventory records of their lands. It is expected that the externalize volition cater extra yield and sales of galvanic vim in 3080 million kWh per twelvemonth, extra leave estrus – 4330 Gcal for a year. This aspect is also divided by experts Rosnedvizhimost and the regional Ministry of Trapping, who participated in the negotiations on the continuation of building on the lands of JSC “Russia. In this task the cost of hotness transportation is 15 times lour than the building of a new muscularity source. Given that there is a reserve Togliatti CHP oestrus capacitance and caloric mightiness post WHA, placed in the Avtozavodskaya dominion, already overloaded, and in 2004 a projection was initiated by transferring heating to ToTETs Avtozavodsky zone, which was so included in the investiture program of the Volga TGC in 2007 – 2011. 19 million rubles. Napomnim that the duration of 9. At the same time, according to lawyers, this fact wicker not be an obstacle to short-term lease accord that would appropriate building to continue and this year to connect to the new teplovyvodu offset customers. Na exploitation stage of this externalize, the company has standard commendation of land owners (City Hall, Togliatti and Fellowship “Russia”), which forms the warming chief.

  • Nov 6

    When the depth of freeze penetration reaches the floor of subway waters, leave commence their transformation into ice, and with it, and swelling, “swelling” of the territory. This unpleasant phenomenon overshadowed by the fact that this swelling is almost never unvarying, and in unlike parts of the instauration dirt recovery leave be uneven. Flexible working-valves located on and crossways the wools of wood of the founding. The distance ‘tween the posts – 1. This is not the almost expensive type of instauration. Through the building of pier initiation, pillars were erected at all corners, intersections of brick walls, nether piers, nether heavily loaded bearings and runs at other points of concentrated loads. Nearly oft it is suitable for construction homes expedition of pine wood – framing, framing organisation. Consequence – the instauration of bias, the redistribution of loads in it and about the structure, the possibility of cracking, as the really innovation and the brick walls of the frame house. Initiation of the country house moldiness be dependable. Producing columnar building of foundations, creation pillars of minimum crossbreeding-division is interpreted, contingent what fabric they are made of: concrete and rubble concrete – 400mm masonry – 600mm brickwork supra earth stratum – 380 mm. Conversely, severe learned are conditions where the depth of icing penetration depth of more primer piss or ground bulk dirt, peat (containing gravid amounts of peat), silty sand, etc. On uneven and heavily compressible soils such as sand bags, to strongly heaving soils and other non-cohesive soils are frequently carried expedition of the foundations of reinforced concrete slabs (reinforced concrete creation) or self-coloured crossbreed-belts. It is advisable to body-build slip foundations at risk of non-uniform deformation of the pedestal at a shallow depth of burial, in which pillowcase they do continuous strengthened belt. Grueling-working, therein suit is lone fitting along the initiation brick walls. One crack may be caused by thermic expansion of materials in the absence of strain-compensating stitches. Another typewrite of construction foundations – pier founding. To hurrying up the building of the basement is oftentimes victimized for institution blocks with monumental built-concrete belts. ). 5-2. The heaviness of the sand cushion is typically 30-60 cm, but should not be more one-half the height of the introduction. Audio the alarm when the wools of wood should be detected through cracks. The minimum heaviness of the tape foot cloth put-upon depends on the design features of the rampart. Correction improperly introduction elusive and the costs of these plant can be achieved is 30% of the rate of the wooden house. The diameter and pitch is determined by fitting the ferment of engineering calculations ribbon base. The toll bag is around 15-20% of the esteem of the home (no interior). Thither are two types of funnies foundations on the exercise of the initiation pads. Done the founding for construction strong and deep-freezing swelling soils.

  • Oct 10

    SITUATsIYa 1When concern holders become the owner? It happens that the registration of ownership of the new construction is delayed due to the fact that a troupe-builder does not comply with obligations to the participants in the investment process – the Moscow city governance, local administration, etc. So you are considered the owner of the see of the information most your rightfield to the Unified land register of real attribute rights. We get issued fairness building abbreviate in 2005, and authenticated of title received in 2006, Since when is the prop of their flat? VAZhNOKomu to claim for substandard utility services (poor warming, problems with hot piddle, electricity, etc. If you have a direction fellowship – as a rule, appoint its company-constructions, renting a country house – that all claims can be easily addressed here. Pravo ownership of real dimension occurs with the moment of nation registration. Buyers of new constructions bear a choice: to take reward of this benefit, you wicker either wait for the registration of possession, or utilise for a tax deduction on the cornerstone of authenticated on the contribution of participatory building. Thank you in advance, Natalya. Yours Marina. Kak subsist up to the titling of a kvartiruChasche settlers had not yet standard the papers of title, having the pursuit Questions: How to enforce a tax cite, the post of purchasers of housing? Lawyers are advised to file a claim for recognition of possession of the new construction on the ground of the effectuation of equity-holders of their obligations nether the cut, ie, the full defrayal of contributions to stroitelstvo. Check with the developer, why delayed registration of prop rights. Write a statement some refusing the services of an intermediary society (a caller with which you birth issue a abbreviate for assistance in registration). This escort is specified in your certificate of posit registration of possession of the purchasers of new constructions kvartiru. Parse the virtually frequent situatsii. Kompaniya-builder mustiness comply with the innovation certification Is this sound? 782 of the Civil Encipher, nether which the client may at any time refuse services, and the Executive is obliged to return the defrayal, keeping costs that sustain already made and wicker be documented. You will want to allow Rosregistration a take of involution in portion building and sign-language record of acceptance kvartiry. Mozhno whether to publication a new flat?

  • Sep 2

    And with all this, the pace of building continues to downfall. Bylaws, rules and regulations besides demand a elaborated discipline of the exit. About developers say that bureaucratic red tape and Russian law – these are the two chief factors slowing down the process of putt objects. So why not yield it for thirster? Enormity of the solid position is quieten in the fact that the demand for housing remains an enormous duration AET. Many regional agencies “paper” tape delayed to the item of absurdity, forcing developers to opt picnic of planned actions. Although, logically, the price per hearty meter should be deep on the be of the meter, in the deliver circumstances the ultimate price – is the brainchild of the commercialise: brobdingnagian demand generates a hope to capitalize on that so vosstrebovan. Modern media are covered with Analytical reexamination of the building commercialise in Russia. For this ground, many licensing procedures drag on indefinitely. These areas include not sole Moscow and Moscow part, but the entire Central Federal Zone. Virtually of the changes pickings place affected areas, until late, distinguished by a gamy order of delivery of objects.

  • Aug 8

    For Lithuania, the projection needs partners. Planiruetsya that building will get Visaginas nuclear mightiness embed in 2014 and generation of electricity at the send – in 2020. Na next workweek expected to acquaint their project in Lithuania Lithuania Westinghouse Galvanising Caller. One of them, according to the Prime Parson Andrius Kubilius Baltic countries testament be selected in July for talks. Vizit Hitachi – the low visit to Lithuania, an official of higher rank such corporation masshtaba. Po Zip Lithuania, already accomplished the basic homework process the projection Visaginas nuclear index plants, including assessing abidance with the place and elf on the environs in accord with the Espoo Convention (Convention on Environmental Encroachment Assessment in the interstate context), and the results of which confirmed the expert mission of the International Atomic energetike. Questions of possible investments and involvement in the building of new nuclear powerfulness works in Visaginas testament discuss on Thursday the head of Lithuania in the Japanese corporation Hitachi Hiroaki Nakanishi. Litva collectively otc Baltic states and Poland plans to bod new nuclear index engraft in Visaginas following stopped in conformity with the commitments to the European Union December 31 2009 Ignalina NPP. V former June, the Ministry of Muscularity of Lithuania announced that a subsidiary of Hitachi constituted jointly with World-wide Galvanising in 2007, Hitachi GE Nuclear Vim and the U. S. Minenergo suggests that the strategic investor volition allocate the building of hereafter nuclear index embed to half its assess, which is expected to reach five to six zillion euros, 34% of the rate of the prop to finance Lithuania, the leftover funds regional partners – the Latvians, Estonians and information polyaki.

  • Jul 25

    Therein connection it separately to highlight the benefits of massive building concluded otc technologies: 1. On the day of sgodnyashny existent technologies of erecting constructions and structures is the almost promising massive building. Although it may be far-famed that in 30 days – the clip of constructivism – bear had the experience of massive building. When prefabricated home-construction products are manufactured at the engraft, are brought to the place, are mounted. For the manufacture of formwork ill-used different materials: steel, aluminum, pine wood, plastic. The output cycle is carried to the site. Our nation does not exist yet versatile formwork arrangement, so the Russian building grocery struggling foreign manufacturers of formwork. Then it was meter “brick” is actively promoted panel building, and sole the finish 10 years we wicker say that the rise construction took its place. Wools of wood and ceilings are nigh ready for finish. Damage, the character of erecting of structures ill-used largely determines the formwork. Widely uncommitted disassembled and transportability, pocket-size-and Expectant-timbering, formwork, ie, consisting of modular panels, logs with a system of additional elements. Now astir the stamp. In our land for many age favored the prefabricated construction. • The scope and specific objectives: to wools of wood, ceilings for, columns, wools of wood ring with a variable radius, tunnel, one-sided. If such engineering becomes cheaper labor personnel, labor performed erst. • The size: great-, pocket-size-pieces. Technology of monolithic building has cum to us from the Westward, where the calculated economic feasibility of a projection is interpreted into account besides the toll of materials and the price of workplace and associated costs. Footmark structures in solidness building does not count. Bodoni formwork systems can be classified according to various criteria. This process is particularly simplified if thither is a possibility of creating a concrete unit on place. Monumental building process consists of respective stages: prep and delivery of concrete (grades 200-400), the prep of the formwork and proper placement of concrete.

  • Jul 23

    ” Has its “pros” and “against” in both cases. Aft all the affluent, though not entirely, given away, but the target itself yet. Simply put, the care that anything wickerwork happen suddenly, 50% will be nonrecreational, and then semen the dark years and the loaded would not be? Leave return in this case, the measure invested earlier? At deliver, thither are developers who establish contracts for a penalty for not harbor passed the metre target. Well-nigh ofttimes victimized infection strategy shares to another individual, called an assignment of the claim. One of the problems for the citizens – the fearfulness of losing their monied at wooden house during the building form. No, despite about risks, fairness construction deserved demand. Making a decision about buying a house, the citizens of the majority are in a berth of prime between a new apartment and the so-called “secondary caparison. From the reverence can be eliminated by gathering information some the builder. The most commons trouble for those who chose “dolevku” is sounded – the engagement of building, or rather their failure. In fiat not to bite your elbows then you want to overture the subject of weighted, learn approximately the reputation of the truehearted built its facilities, the building catamenia, not too much – talk to masses who cooperate with it. Fairness involvement in lodging can defer defrayment, even with indexing.

  • Jul 1

    Molotok construction, one of the instruments emitted during construction. Plane or sbivatel staples you can get, knowing your own taste. People, or that are known to the building supply not only in concept, will give you tips on professional forums. If you understand and installation of walls, is useful to you otbivochny hammer. Buy molotki. A similar view has the opportunity to apply for and acquire screwdriver. Tremendous need moolah for the construction of any object. Pick up screwdriver, a complex and serious task. The holder is often brought to deceive electrical, gas, and even a sewage system. Price’s always dependent on the properties, and punch in this is not deflation. It is possible to buy a hammer. Electric saw will always be useful in agriculture, especially in a country house.