• Feb 3

    And the task that moldiness study together to clear, is that this affluent wisely and decently dispose of. M, and this will continue until it started in the building of social housing. In one causa of HBC, “physicist Lebedev Physical Institute,” for which there are respective other scientific co-operatives, and in another – Trinity Building Fellowship, representing the interests of cooperatives with otc groups. In razzing sight, rational use of these funds, e.g., for the completion of kindergarten, designing, building of new schools and repair the dam on the river Desna, and educational institutions, improvement of the metropolis. Meters. Administratsiya quick to assist shareholders in the pick of their proposals, and we are talking approximately that the offset deputy nous vocation fundamentals for the next. 2 hectares for residential building. Announced by the outcome of the auction appropriate the concrete panorama of the succeeding neighborhood. It is important that the auction took HBC – organizations, which comprise of the residents of Troitsk. 10-12 sq.

  • Jul 2

    V case of reconstruction, restoration, repair and expert re-equipment of constructions and structures without changing the purpose of the object – the node (the developer) is too a copy of the document certifying the possession of the home or building, or the written consent of the owner to carry junket building and disposition of the rabot. At the same time in a cosmopolitan journal papers, magazine supervision, a copy of Building Worldwide Project and the explanatory annotation is stamped on the registration obekta. Pri client (the developer), starting the building ferment at the facility, must in 7 years inform the inspection gosarhstroykontrolya. In the pillowcase of repeated accession node (the developer) inspection gosarhstroykontrolya considering giving permission to a period not to exceed 10 years from the appointment of granting the permit dokumentov. For permission to resume building of the facility the customer (the developer) moldiness submit to an inspection gosarhstroykontrolya, except the above mentioned documents, another papers on the expert commonwealth of structures and opportunities for continuing building of the propose issue by the system that highly-developed the propose. Po expiration of the permit for the building of the guest (the developer) should extend it to the government gosarhstroykontrolya, differently the permit becomes invalid and the building – unauthorized. Individualnym developers permission for the building study shall be issuance on an lotion developer, the document on the veracious to farming use, construction permits (vydnnoe relevant executive authority), the propose documentation with a stamp of approval by local politics for planning and architecture, also as subscription and executor of the ordering of razzing appointment in the case of building contracting method. Rather, in December of 2000 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the new “Regulations on the procedure for granting permission for building work”, which constituted the procedure and learned for granting permission to строительство. Below building – building work related to the variety of destination facility within the existent construction dimensions (share of the reconstruction wicker be renovated facility). Permits may be issued for the full reach of ferment or for sealed types of building study (preparative sour, excavation ferment, the aught cycle, laying communications, etc. Kakie and requirement attested to receive the undermentioned gild razresheniyaUstanovlen object registration and issuance of construction permits, regardless of ownership and departmental subordination of building companies. In accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Architectural Activity” in the building of mortal residential constructions with two floors above, also as the building in areas with composite engineering-geological learned in earthquake-prone areas – mortal developer mustiness allow appropriate proficient and supervision. V lawsuit canning facility customer (the developer) is required to pass inspection gosarhstroykontrolya permission for the building work and administrative documents on canning facility in accordance with the Procedure conservation and re-introduction of building projects sanctioned by the Gild of the Country Building Committee 27. V cause of refusal to grant permission to the customer (the developer) is sent a scripted reply to the reasons motivating the conclusion. ” permission for the building plant mustiness be obtained piece performing work new building and expansion, reconstruction, restoration, expert re-equipment and major repairs of constructions and structures. By extension we mean the building of additional facilities, constructions and structures erected within a ace construction composite. Kto razreshenieRazreshenie issue for the building of bodies of state architectural and building mastery of Ukraine (Gosarhstroykontrolya). Vidy building, requiring no razresheniyaEst some types of building work, its operation does not need a permit. 96 № 109/1134.

  • Jul 2

    5-2. In rural areas, much built baths, consisting of a changing board, steam way, hallway and soap. The sizing of the bath 2.5 x 4.5 straight meters. M. Recommend the building of saunas separately from the wooden house or interior it. Seaport elect the provision and figure resolution baths or saunas, harvest the requisite materialy. Three shelves of 60 cm in width are set one supra the former stairs. The simplest version of the constructive placed separately from the home bath (sauna) – log cabin or a brick structure, which consists of one board in which there are simultaneously changing way and steam board. Along the paries with a windowpane bench is located in the corner set the oven – stove heated with firewood. For warming use pine wood-burned-out stove or electrical heater mounted in the corner steam way. If you suggest to use a bath in overwinter, it is requisite to cater heating the changing board. It is scoop to shuffling the hall in which the doors of a steam room and changing board. You wickerwork restrict a steam way. Stroitelnye materials secondhand for inside ribbon of all suite bath should not be destroyed by irrigate disinfectants. This arranging testament reserve the almost economical use of place and materials for construction, and in improver, all three rooms wicker be heated a furnace. For lighting, h2o add and sewerage from the bath is advisable to use existing engineering structures. The furnace is virtually much placed in the steam room so that one of her dressing-board palisade warmed. For the kinfolk way, usually demand a diminished expanse with steam room, vestibule and soap. In add-on, in the steam board (soap) offer capability for frigidity weewee, shelves for storage of soap, bast. It is trump to anatomy a bath or sauna on a gentle river, lake, pond, trees, sheltered from the wind. Therein showcase, the threshold of it should not go instantly into the yard and not clear to the sweat lodge as steam, getting into a frigidness way, will be wet clothing.



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