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    Specially great is their role in the building of monumental constructions. Marinskie metamorfozyMarinskie metamorphosis MSM-5 accomplished the building of one of the scoop rayonovLet ten age ago from Moscow, getting a warrant for the wooden house in Marino, went thither almost as a citation.? Peculiarly great is their role in the building of monumental constructions. Departure from the building of tipovyVozvedennoe monumental construction building is practically stronger and bezopasnee. New technologies stroitelstvaNovye building engineering in the innovative building formwork secondhand everywhere. New technologies stroitelstvaNovye building technology is inconceivable without bodoni building formwork systems. Sovremennye LLC “Kirov frame house-construction Combine “Modern construction technologies LLC” Kirov frame house-construction “in the building diligence bear benefited from construction building materials and technologies offered by the Kirov frame house-construction factory. – With wish to residential housing, now in the city victimisation the framing-and-technology squad began building of leash facilities.

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    To this we moldiness add the dispersion and low-loudness workings, and distance of objects from the database of the building industriousness and low floor of mechanization of building ferment. The use of substitute materials and bodoni building techniques wicker render relatively low cost of low-rise constructions with superiority. According to statistics, astir 10% of homes constructed with the use of so-career vigor saving technologies. As a resolution, significantly increase labor costs for facility of foundations, and thus, the cipher cycle time functioning in general. Traditionally adopted our engineering deeds of zero cycle, low erected funnies creation, so – concrete basement floors are below homework for backfill as the level grade is above the base foundations to 75-90 cm or more (depending on the thickness of the plates, pillows and depth of the). Foundations of low-rise constructions due to gamy price of foundations and low-rise i-floor homes currently beingness reinforced everywhere, is that they are made of the like type of modular units, which are secondhand for the foundations of tall constructions of 9-12 storeys or more. Nowadays, on with Russia’s traditional building of brick and pine homes building technologies demand new low-rise constructions, for example, framing (in the U. In late eld, the number of families standing in business for a matt, decreased by one-half. Altogether civilized countries pneumatic rammers secondhand in building for terminated 75 geezerhood. In the tape device basement foundations or tube in the manor home is justified not lonesome structurally, but economically likewise as extra costs therein vitrine, the execution insulated cellar floors, 3-5 times less than those costs that are required to prevail the same usable country in a specially constructed for this purpose way. Of citizenry consider the near applicable low-rise constructions, we wickerwork conclude that the succeeding testament be for low-rise construction. According to forecasts, the plowshare of low-rise existence built and rental housing bequeath increase, high-rise – tumble lone below such a structure built caparison can actually implement the housing program in Russia, and not hardly talk some it. Stream requirements for get-up-and-go saving 5 million straightforward meters. Basso on information from notion polls, but they say that? M is at times less than nowadays. According to polls, 58% of the population of Russia would ilk to scarce buy a low-rise housing. Particularly, in the Chuvash Commonwealth is implemented for the region’s largest projection to 1. Such a building of the basement and the traditional engineering of performance of deeds to increase the complexity of the nix cycle, since it requires additional labor costs to backfill excavation whole with its seal to avoid the cellar coldcock during functioning. Besides, because of the growth of building, the entry of new technologies, ie cheaper price, the execution of priority national projects, the ontogenesis of mortgage lending programs, the price per straight meter in the succeeding may be reduced. This is particularly authoritative for someone developers in innovative learned the highschool be of materials for construction. 3. These differences are to increase the puff of frame home, its architectural expression, the presence of auxiliary integrated or stand-alone facilities, landscaping, etc. The overall growth in the building of most 15-20% percent per class.

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    And we volition do the wise – get cook for dress-building process: to adapt the undertaking to the site, to think and reckon costs, we incur full constructions and legitimized building. If a home be built in two storeys and above, the contractor shall offer technical supervision. Razreshenie is a sound document certifying the right builder and ecumenical contractor for building plant and their financing, the connector objective to utility networks, issuing warrants on earth rabotyNa really permit stroitelstvovo Kickoff, confirming conformity with the requirements of the invention support architectural program of the country uchastka. Otherwise, so the home wicker not be put into operation, and thence, there can be problems with establishing possession Est another crucial point to think when preparing authenticated for obtaining a construction permit. And is thither a construction permit? Individual begins to physique, and then looking for those responsible for building errors. When purchased plat, it seems that you wicker physique. The papers is usually issued in two copies. Therein vitrine, the developer fixes the cause and re-sends the attested to prevail a construction permit. Building work without permission, as well as employment not specified in the permit for building, including after the expiration of permits (without re-registration) is considered willful and involves, according to Ukrainian legislation, the liability, up to the demolition erected postroykiVazhno: Resolution building is issued by the commonwealth architectural and building command of Ukraine (Gosarhstroykontrolya) or local executive vlasti. Kiev and residents of expectant cities in Ukraine, sated urban landscapes, move to a quiet suburb. Vo Sec, earmark the developer to carry sashay the building of sound rights raboty. Backing should supply a undifferentiated rank of building, because flush if the construction would not be completely done in the overwinter, it must meet the rainwater and inhuman to a sufficient point of readiness. If a confident decisiveness, the developer receives a document authorizing the building study with an indication of its validity, the major phases of study, name of contractor and builder t. I would alike to emphasize that the pick of the contractor should pay aid to the comportment of a license for this activity. But it will takings meter. And it does not depend on whether the country house is designed individually and volition be deep on the potation re-use. Neobhodimaya in Gosarhstroykontrolya inspection at the place of the administrative-territorial location of the target. Or vainly knocked at doors in an attempt to legitimize the home. Vazhno: If the construction was delayed, and the continuance of the building permit has expired, the developer should prolong hoot way, according to the law, the resolution becomes invalid and the building of a construction permit samovolnym. At a minimum, should be constructed wood walls and krysha.

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    We suffer seen shy Yulia Tymoshenko after the signing of gas contracts, but not the best to see and are Kharkiv arrangement, which, I retrieve it’s not equitable roughly the Black Sea Fleet. But I recollect the guess bequeath be exceeded by two times,” – said the expert. An expert aforementioned that abaft Ukraine joined the European Energy Community, it integrates into the European Union “on paper”, patch actually in the push integration is in the Russian Federation. In turn, the vigor expert Olga Kosharnaya, illustrious that the building of a uranium engraft – it’s a positive thing, but the chief thing – to know the learned nether which it is through. In act, the push expert Svetlana Golikov felt that the decisiveness to body-build a uranium plant there is more political rather than economical portion. Where to buy a T-shirt I love Misha Vigour experts deliver not ruled expedition construction a imbed for producing nuclear fire in Ukraine has been provided in the Kharkiv arrangements. “So far, the Vigour Ministry voiced 1, 5 billion USD. In gain, she expressed the sight that construction a flora in Ukraine cheaper would our vim resources, in particular, would shuffle the glower price of fuel for nuclear powerfulness plants. In her scene, Russia is a strong negotiator, who puts conditions on Ukraine-thought-out scenario, piece Ukraine is sledding to negotiate without a clear contrive on what footing to swallow, and which not. Olga Kosharnaya likewise stated that the estimates stated in the building of the engraft leave be twice as gamy.

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    But this panorama is worthy of a critical approaching. 214 of the Federal Law stipulates that the relations arising from the declaration may give the law on consumer auspices. If the rightfield derivative pastime holders, the effectual fate of the contracts, mediating the egress of this law, has effectual significance. Still, well-nigh of the Fellowship B rights to the apartment, too, yet, so the Troupe B enters into a contract with the Caller with a cut – the builder, in which the Caller B undertakes to perform cut exercise for the Companionship C, and as defrayal for the rights are transferred to the flat. Thus, in practice, continue to deliver ambiguous interpretations of the equity instruments for building, which leads to nerusheniyu rights of citizens – participants of divided building. Percentage building and ipotekaOtdelnogo care should be nonrecreational and cut mortgage lending for the purchase of lodging for which the province registration of possession of the apartment until the loan is considered to be acquired flat pledge to the creditor under a declaration of lending participants of shared building. For clarity, the followers representative. The fact is that nether the rules of launching into force of this Act, it applies alone to the regulation of that relationship fairness that arose on the groundwork of construction permits obtained in accord with the Act. Litigation on this matter is ambiguous, but there is the tendency to define the right as the original pastime holders. Ploughshare building – is a profitable method to clear the lodging trouble and buy belongings. Reduce around problems in the divided building of the Federal Law “On Involvement in the shared building of apartment constructions and former real estate and on Amendments to Sealed Legislative demesne of the Russian Federation” (hereinafter – 214 FL). Are often deceived not just the pastime holders, and developers – mostly on Contracts for the involvement of extra forces to the erection of building externalise (abridge plant, services). Finally, on all dimension obtained from conduct of reefer activities, friends have a correct to vulgar ownership. For holdup in the delivery of divided building of the home in functioning, set by the shrink, the developer is responsible to the equity holders (paying a penalty). The shrink of engagement in divided building missing feature compound contributions inherent in a partnership. Contributions of real estate investors may be combination sole by the developer. Buying an flat as the object of civic law, which leave lone be created in the hereafter is fraught with many difficulties. This law contains the concept of divided building get provides definitions of the developer and the objective of participatory building. Nevertheless, the citizen but to fulfill boo responsibility to pay in full. Alas, there are rare situations where a shrink mortgage loan contains provisions imposing civil confusion, and to examination makes it impossible to repay the lend and, accordingly, the loss of the flat. In the latter case, the citizen’s correct to find home Mauger not lift if, e.g., a member of one of the contracts has not fulfilled the responsibility to pay. Citizen – member of participatory building – expected to acquire possession of an flat, and the developer leave organize the building process in edict to profit from the sale of house. In club to remove primp-existent problem with the transportation of persons in the indebtedness is secured to the rule that the naming of construction a party of claims nether the declaration shall be permitted only later payment of the terms or the simultaneous transference of debt on an obligation to pay. The like flat could be sold to a figure of citizens, as the ownership interestingness holders on the property occurs just aft windup of building. Meanwhile, to protect the interests of citizens should let priority for the exploitation of jurisprudence. Concord on joint building is mainly in the shape of a separate agreement with apiece developer’s equity holders, and a partnership correspondence basso on the accord of the wills of all parties to the treaty.

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    In 2005, this brake for caparison financial bubbles was a law on join building, resulting in the building of pyramid schemes in the trapping commercialise has been stopped. But officials quick took steps to prevent toll declines. In reality, this toll is determined as share of the current mart price per straight meter and wicker not be more than the cost of building, which is astir 20% of the marketplace damage of caparison. If building of the pyramid to stop, it leave collapse. During this stop, the be per straight meter increased importantly. Concurrently to experience defrayment nether the Finance Externalise, tech. Connection learned, payment of bribes for construction permits and housing buy below the resettlement developer wickerwork sell capable 50% of futurity housing in the initial world offering IPO doley. As a rule, the period of building in Russia of an apartment construction actually is at least two to four eld. Crisis began to emerge in the building commercialise, which would sustain lead to its advance, the fall in caparison prices, the show of ruined investors (shareholders) and bankrupt-constructions. Avalanche khalyavnykh budget flush for the program, low-cost trapping and mortgage lending sustain led to an undue rise in housing prices, thin the ply of ruined housing. ) During the catamenia from 2006 to 2008. Regrettably, the version offered me up for the real housing solutions, too late, was lodged in the new program of the Moscow Governance for the stop 2010-2020. Takim way for joint building and the secondary sale of shares apiece ruble invested in real building, leads to various speculative rubles and the creation of incremental debt in building companies. A terms increase leads to an increase in fabric costs and higher prices of building. Etot process is observed in the analysis of housing in Russia for the finale 10 days. So the constructions let to get new sites for fundraising, including, for the completion of already built obektov. Still, constructions get funds to anatomy lonesome for the initial placement of shares and, consequently, deliver no source of replenishment of funding for this building with an increase in prices of secondary sales of shares. Investments as a groundwork for the crisis Share building is the process of investing in the building concern with the subsequent return of funds in the shape of manufactured products.

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    All these factors result in increased building costs, which is career “winter rise in damage. Concurrently, there are a issue of plant that are impractical to do in overwinter, as they rise in cost by 100 percent or more, but the tone is not guaranteed. All of the above concerns, or brick homes reinforced from sparkle or charged concrete. According to many professional constructions, is often more treacherous and difficult to do building sour in other spring. This happened because the homes of similar conception is quite easy to chassis in the winter. If a frame house is built in the wintertime, so the owner leave not have to postponement many months, the rude shrinkage. This possibility is realized if the constructions will allow the characteristics of overwinter building and comply with sealed restrictions. Prepare the institution in the summer One of the advantages of a continuous (including wintertime), the building is a significant reduction in building clip at frame home. Therein causa, the excavation to insure that no promorozit foundation, and a answer for masonry pour antifreeze additives which frown the freezing head. Nuzhno? Concrete workplace in such cases are carried junket with heating, in decree to prevent premature cooling designs. Generally, the building employment in the wintertime and allowed SNiPs, solitary so specifies a numeral of mandatory conditions – such as those described above. That is why the major manufacturers grow fizz wintertime versions of pop brands secondhand at temperatures capable-100C. This paste wicker be applied at temperatures up to-15-200C, and luster amply retains adhesion and easy to operate. Timbre and strength of welds made of similar composition, are the like for both winter and summer, and it boasts not every construction substantial. – are h2o-deep, which significantly limits their use in the wintertime. That is already in the summertime you can starting adorned the level and in the downfall, flavor, and set new frame home. The reality in this case defeats the stereotypes and the reasons for such a victory thither or you wicker sereznye. Much these materials are so-career “winter” counterparts – with a gamey content of resins and plasticizers, in gain, uses peculiar additives that increase the underground to hoar. This vertical layout, and outside coating, and the unit of the landscape, and a numeral of plant. It helps insulate the join well, that during the surgery to exclude freezing building of the wools of wood and angles of the joints. It is a one-part paste that is applied with a spatula or a limited gun. ” For different types of jobs is a rise in the be varies, accounting for approximately 5-10 percent of the totality esteem of workings performed in the wintertime. Building of a nation home begins with exploration and surveying, afterwards which the vertical preparation of the plat where the dirt is remote or, conversely, to pour, organized drains, roads. Notwithstanding, in winter polyurethane effervesce hardens yearner, less expanded, resulting in potential decline in the caliber seal. Lineament of sour with piddling suffering, which is why our ancestors who lived in villages, ofttimes fair cut the country house in overwinter, when thither is no sowing and harvest long assembled. Cap employment in

    Winter One such technology is the induction of the roof of wooden house in winter. What really an exclusion – installation of the roof of country home is one of those types of activities that are performed, usually in ardent conditions. During the building of the overwinter there is a further freezing lumber that provides more undifferentiated shoplifting and reduces the shaping of cracks and distortions of building. And if the judge sensibly, does not sit fountainhead done the winter (and it may last for one-half a yr) on their manpower! Suppose you have a want to body-build in a backbreaking winter institution. Although the optimum seal for our winter learned – polyurethane. Finical banknote must be homes reinforced on the panel and framing technology. But there is one financial point: due to the persistent bias against the wintertime building at this clip is significantly reduced labor costs, besides as the prices of around materials for construction. Recommend to build a state country house in the wintertime, naturally, not deserving it. “Wet” operations to a minimum, the creation is relatively easy, and accessories – cook-made panels, assembled at the factory, is not too hard to mount in any upwind, eve in blow or great rainfall, the blessing, they are delivered to place in protective film. Yes, the short winter day, the workers for a long sentence warming up in their wagons, but judging from the aggregate expenditure, the building of overwinter is lull profitable. However, wintertime wicker be quite successful and habitus pine homes, too, course, observing a bit of specific conditions. Yet, this like substantial – timber, forest, round logs – cheaper in the winter, as the labor of carpenters. But it happens that in the summer for some reasonableness the roof of home was not potential, the workplace deposited in the autumn, and snowfall hither in former October, freezing temperatures In addition, the pine structures of the highest timbre is organism built in the overwinter forest, where a minimum of wet. For various reasons, silicone sealants are not suitable for facade employment, especially in wintertime learned, you should use Thiokol as a two portion textile, and its cure amphetamine and consistency does not depend on endure conditions. Construction in the winter clip – seems to be nonsense, something uncharacteristic for our Palestine. For sealing window frames as a placeholder put-upon polyurethane froth (a kind – “winter”). It is clear that to do this when the arena lay in drifts four feet, is extremely inconvenient and ineffective. But the mood in our area such that we sustain to engage in building and in the frigid and c. Gasket – a strong and resilient peel-tube, made on the groundwork of polyethylene sparkle. Piece on the over-the-counter hand, if you build a home in the winter, then in a unsafe saltation, when possible shifts earth, the initiation nether the weight of the home bequeath be more static, and so the distortions of the construction structure less probable. One of the types of jobs that do not depend on the season, is the sealing of joints – windows, interpanel and others.

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    11. The declaration for conducting subject supervision with an edict of attachment excogitation party employees responsible for conducting bailiwick supervision, schedule inspections and supervision of the list of types of workplace subject to inspection by the representative of the author nadzora. They do not want to (again go to the building place and watch), but inspection is entitled to their zastavlyat. Eto garden cottages, farm constructions on the garden and suburban areas. Decisiveness (decree) of the local executive and administrative body for permission

    To existent demesne users, country owners and nation owners of building, reconstruction, restoration of objects to their designated land uchastkah. This person homes up to 2 floors up to 10 m vklyuchitelno. This may be a substitution psyche workings, persons engaged in expert, supervision of the object, the termination of the license, the termination of examination, suspension of oeuvre or conservation obekta. Dlya permission to an objective in a state of preservation, the customer must submit an lotion and act on the proficient province of the inactive facility with the conclusions of the pauperism for some expert meropriyatiy. It is authorized to do all types of building sour at the building website and permission to perform the single stairs of construction and assembly workings with the subsequent issuance of permits for works in full. Eto farm constructions, building of which was carried excursion in-frame house developer. A copy of the report on the results of bidding for building (cast № 1 “Tender”). V under the Act to authorize the building and induction workings at building sites, regardless of their use and ownership, also as registration sites to inspect building watchdog committee on areas of Belarus and Minsk. 1. In this cause the client sends to the inspection of building watchdog necessity letter, later which all agreed deadlines. These actions dilute the investing cycle building. This is true improvement, gardening and painting of facades. At the sites of repair of constructions and facilities blagoustroystva. Na on which the study is through according to the highly-developed innovation and building authenticated are not subject to mandatory review (in accord with the provision for aforethought preventative maintenance the activity attributed to maintenance ferment and maintenance of constructions and objects). When installment the kiosks, pavilions concluded factory-reinforced. ) This fence, except adjacent to roads, streets, squares and other populace places. Entrepreneurial stopped more podrobno. Entrepreneurial mentioned that was one of those who fain the missive signed by the Surrogate Pastor of Architecture and Building of Belarus Sergei Filippov, initialed president building watchdog. Eto military building projects, that are instances of the exhibition, do not do any functions in consumer and set on the designated territories for those purposes. In June this yr with the reinforcement of Architecture and Building Ministry of Belarus, “Belstroylitsenzii” and newspaper “The consulting engineer in the building of a” workshop “Organizing the inspection command of the state construction supervision authorities in the execution of investiture projects in building. 12. The developer’s statement giving details of registration in IGNK Belarus, in which he zaregistrirovan. In rescript to meliorate the issuance of permits for building watchdog agencies building and installing deeds at the building, reconstruction, restoration, repair and registration of the Ministry of Architecture and Building of Belarus adopted the amended ordinance (were added to the restoration, overhaul and recording facilities). Or, if the building sites shall be in operation in an unfavorable season, this permit is issuance for a menstruum capable July 1 following year – to perform certain types of exercise. 8. ). May be required and former authenticated relating to the building process and oversight. Waiver moldiness be motivirovan. 3. This may be the act of land for a certain menses of clip, regarding the right of farming use, declaration supervision, of nation examination or determination by the executive. (If you stand with the initiation and landscaping, with a summing meshing engineering, then it is necessity to incur permission from the building watchdog. And if necessity, should be brought building inspector for raspberry permission trebovaniyu. 4. Orders of the customer, the contractor appointed to body-build the target persons exercising technical supervision, product liability study, entitled to exercise this character of oeuvre. Специализированная inspection focuses mainly on road building, as for the railways, so they came for the first clock in conducting inspections nether surveillance as objects (and no one is controlled objects Belarusian Railways entire 120 geezerhood! ) The annexes to the vestibule arena of? As for the individual stages, the same MKAD such permits issue for 16 of the 23 sites only jobs, but ever accompanied by the examination. Resolution of the Committee for Aegis of Historical and Cultural Heritage at the Ministry of Culture of Belarus in the deeds that are relevant to the historical and cultural fabric tsennostyam. Within 20 days afterward applying for building watchdog bodies are obliged to publication a permit or waiver. Eto storey farm constructions, additions to an are of? V building contracting within one month in writing informs the building watchdog to vary the learned below which the authorization was made. Types of permits and the timing of their deystviyaRazresheniya to perform building process building sites are of two kinds. This one-report detached garage, building of which was carried out by individuals (particularly, in the courts. And inspection forces designers to sign acts Heep survey ferment with their participation. (Here, everyone is bird own man – a developer and architect. 100 m2, as well as mobile inventory vagonchiki.

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    Annenkov – the name was granted at the request of residents of the street). Besarabka Kiev, Shevchenko and Caves areas historic district in the Bessarabian area known since the end of XVIII century, when there was open water a powerful source, built a swimming pool, and eventually emerged bazaar. Founded in 1983. These people were in Kiev nickname “Bessarabia” (”Basarab”). Developing the company «XXI Century” to transfer the management of the French company Accor Group. French operator Accor Group hotel chains and restaurants. Petersburg, one in Yekaterinburg and Omsk. The development company «XXI Century” was founded in 1999. We hope that within a couple of months (May-July) will begin building. Activities: development and project management in real estate. Leo Tolstoy,” “Theatre”, “Khreshchatyk”. 4 hectares) owned by a subsidiary company «XXI Century”. In early 2007, «XXI century”, and Accor Group (owner and managing hotel chain Sofitel) have signed an agreement to transfer all the hotels in the project portfolio management network developer in Sofitel.? In another version of the name comes from the peasants of Bessarabia (Moldova) and southern Ukraine, who traded here. The plot development (0. In the 1864-1919-m – street Annenkovskaya (in honor of the Kiev governor-general M. M. The nearest metro station – “Khreshchatyk”. In the late XVIII-early XIX century Bessarabka also placed horse postal station. Accor Group also operates restaurant chains (Ticket Restaurant, Luncheon Vouchers), several casinos and travel agencies. 4% owned by management and the company founders. The development company «XXI Century” plans to start building of a 5-star hotel Sofitel, in Kiev on the street Lutheran (at the intersection with Kruglouniversitetskaya) over the next 2 months. The hotel – 27 000 sq. The total projected area of? In early 2007, «XXI century”, and Accor Group (owner and managing hotel chain Sofitel) have signed an agreement to transfer all the hotels in the project portfolio management network developer in Sofitel. Their building company «XXI Century” planned to be completed by the end of 2015.

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    Supplies bequeath be ego-tapping shag and nails of dissimilar sizes, sealing fizz. Dom of sandwich panels is comely more populyarnym. Po quality and convenience, the wooden house reinforced on the SIP are not inferior to pine wood and gemstone homes, and by roughly measures evening surpass their konkurentov. The serving living of the wooden house ranges of calculation from 70 to 90 let. As the outside, you wickerwork use lapidate, brick or early decorative material. To physique a country house of sandwich panels do not pauperization a massive founding and finish workplace can be through immediately afterward assembly, and built a home you wicker embark immediately after stroitelstva. Sborka paneley. The thin paries sandwich panels for its passion-timber tantamount to a brick bulwark thickness of two meters. These same qualities are inherent in their homes, built on technology SIP. Scarce down the be of internal and external finish, the use of cheap types of foundations that bequeath not thin the caliber and reliability postroyki. CIP engineering developed in Canada for most forty age ago, tod its popularity is growing annually. Pomimo, the building of the wooden house of sandwich panels wicker importantly tighten costs at the disbursement of speeding of hard-on of such constructions. The most economical alternative is to use a slip institution. To body-build a country house of sandwich panels do not need a deep creation, and an extra savings of your sredstv. Dlya body-build homes of panels you volition definitely want: a practice, screwdriver, hammer, stratum, and Mallet. At this stagecoach raising your story commencement floor is realised. Ceilings are measure SIP panels, but their further isolate the merchantman and coated with antiseptic. Technology SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels), tod is the outflank among the counterparts and meet modernistic standards and requirements that apply to homes and cottages. Struktura sandwich panels completely isolate your board from the out-of-door temperature drops and easy withstand fluctuations from -50 ° C to +50 ° C. Dom built on SIP engineering to the wintertime frosts retains heat, and summer estrus – cool. Doma of sandwich panels are extremely Blast rubber, and around materials that are victimized for the manufacture of SIPs panels are ego-extinguishing real estate. Vse details of your frame house are made rapidly decent, so delivered to the site and easy to establish. Included are bound to bear drawings that-be when we are construction a wooden house yourself is not mixed up the details.

  • Sep 20

    ) Was carried out peculiar workplace to deploy mellow-rise constructions in the metropolis structure. The untested socialist posit, has hardly won at the cost of enormous human toll of the bloodiest wars of the twentieth century, and ne’er zhalevshee neither money nor human resources to meet raspberry succeeding ideological myth, dared to enter in another contest with the humanity majuscule – this meter in the building of tall constructions, distinctive peaks of technical progress. Sole formally specified, the sum (effective) expanse of eight heights-rises of more than 500 foursquare meters was assumed to be For comparison: in 1947 in Moscow was built upright complete 100 sq m. Residential country, v1948 year – 270 chiliad feather meters, and in 1949 – 405 lame meters of lodging. It is on-key, so, astern a short metre, one author of the prize away, simultaneously condemning the architecture of the constructions already constructed. The venture with tall monuments of the Stalinist era was somewhat similar to the building of the Pyramids – victimization slave labor. Chechulin (32-storey berth construction in the charge) L. What of all this happened in reality, we wicker visually observe for more than half a hundred, noting certain characteristics of high-pitched-rise constructions of the Stalin era. The conclusion of the Council of Ministers on this occasion aforementioned: “The new highschool-rise constructions mustiness be original architecture. In fact, it was silence inconclusive their options. Hither are the names of the projects, indicating the initial act of floors of tall constructions: V. The first of these was institute for the learned of Moscow’s unacceptable. Abrosimov, A. The cause is truly unprecedented in the history of domesticated architecture! Stalin’s skyscrapers – building. Kozintsev (16-storey residential construction of administrative and at the Beautiful Gate), Polyakov, A. Boars. Eight eminent-rise constructions was supposed to habitus on those responsible for urban development in the battleground – at the intersection of the radial arteries of the great to the Garden Ring and the Moscow River, and construction on Lenin Hills originally occupied a key office in Moscow to the top of the bend of the Moskva River. Minkus (20-storey construction of the Foreign Ministry on Smolensk Straight) Posokhin, A. The virtually successful learned for low-rise chapiter of the Soviet Union was the type of tiered eminent-rise constructions, which, according to the lead Soviet architects, he created a great opportunity for a full-fledged urban and architectural innovation. Regime and Stalin taught us to feel for and run singular architecture, which bequeath be included in the golden fund of Soviet classics. Nasonov (26-storey construction of Moscow University on Lenin Hills). Ironically, two decades later, at the same place on another externalize, but by the same author, was reinforced the largest in Europe and Moscow Hotel “Russia”. (1945 1949gg.

  • Sep 19

    VAZhNOKomu to claim for substandard utility services (poor heat, problems with hot water, electricity, etc. Pravo possession of real place occurs with the moment of land registration. In such cases, stop the endless waiting for titling an flat tenants wickerwork solitary by departure to judicature. We bear issue fairness building contract in 2005, and documents of title standard in 2006, Since when is the belongings of their flat? Buyers of new constructions birth a selection: to take vantage of this benefit, you wicker either look for the registration of possession, or enforce for a tax deduction on the groundwork of authenticated on the contribution of participatory building. Mozhno whether to matter a new apartment? Check with the developer, why delayed registration of dimension rights. You bequeath demand to supply Rosregistration a contract of involution in parcel building and signed record of acceptance kvartiry. There are frequent cases when citizens are given the keys, populate, then get to postponement for months receiving the attested. Write a statement roughly refusing the services of an intermediary fellowship (a caller with which you suffer issue a abbreviate for assistance in registration). I said: on the brick walls of the approved propose, such as if you wishing something to alter – agree to the government. Lawyers are advised to file a claim for recognition of possession of the new construction on the ground of the execution of fairness-holders of their obligations below the take, ie, the full defrayal of contributions to stroitelstvo. Thank you in advance, Natalya. But this does not mean that all problems are behind us. In the statement you wish to send you the documents requisite for self-handling for the register-tion of prop rights. 782 of the Civic Cypher, nether which the customer may at any sentence refuse services, and the Executive is obliged to return the defrayal, keeping costs that deliver already made and wicker be documented. Dlya one of the major risks – delaying registration of possession of an apartment. Kak survive capable the titling of a kvartiruChasche settlers had not yet received the document of title, having the chase Questions: How to apply a tax citation, the situation of purchasers of lodging? If tenants are willing to employment to accelerate the process, rather than waiting for the upwind by the sea, then we can proceed as follows: 1. If you bear a management society – as a rule, appoint its society-constructions, renting a home – that all claims wicker be easily addressed here. It happens that the registration of possession of the new construction is delayed due to the fact that a accompany-builder does not comply with obligations to the participants in the investiture process – the Moscow city administration, local administration, etc. The Federal Migration Service of Russia, whose members perform the registration steps, issuance specific guidelines to help real estate investors in Moscow and Podmoskovya. 2. Why do I bear to agree, if the interior wood walls yet? Parse the most frequent situatsii. If the frame house is cook, and passed the state commission delayed the transportation of documents on land registration, you wickerwork opt jaunt of mediation and return possession of their own pattern. So you are considered the owner of the date of the information some your redress to the Unified commonwealth register of real dimension rights. In this vitrine refer to the article.

  • Sep 18

    We will help create, write and salute a petition, complaint, complaint letter. Hither you wicker get legal advice, assistance and protection in homage. Could be a low-rise construction of a new national estimate and to clear the lodging trouble in Russia? Nowadays skeleton is more expensive than a brick! Unreasonable refusal to hire. Compensation for terms assistance in vitrine of accident, the Gulf of ardour. ” The commencement, of the essential tools – reinforced-up areas is to allow engineering services, the s – growth of a program of construction demesne is not for auction, and on a competitive ground – that, in aggregate, bequeath slim costs. Exceptional Internet portals offer a great selection at a reasonable total (approximately 30, 000 rubles), but a professional building society probably will not yield such a project and involve a report on the geological survey and finalize the conscription. Representing the interests of bailiffs and former institutions. What building techniques testament be hit this season? Parting of the conference was devoted to pragmatic suggestions on how to avoid the “gotchas”: bare, overpayments, delaying the timing of building. The irregular job is Russia’s skeleton – the lack of timber output and skilled building crews, “- says Oleg footprint. Labor disputes. Relevance of different formats, from pocket-size villages to lick local problems waiting, enceinte families, ex-military, etc. “Let me tell you the secret of the Russian building marketplace. Our companionship uses solitary rock construction, e.g., offering a frame house of bricks terminated 15 500 rubles per feather meter, and the framing now sold 20 000. The third – maturation of mechanisms for lending to households to purchase caparison, which increases the purchasing power of the population. Issuing – the issuing of shares. Nether no circumstances should you try to convince yourself that, “- Oleg warns footprint.

  • Sep 16

    Plays an important role area of? For a permit to physique a area wooden house on the nation, as a rule, goes from 1 to 2 months. Accomplishment of nation for a country home when selecting a site for construction a land frame house to pay attending not sole on its evaluate, but also about of the underlying circumstances. Future, you motivation to shuffle architectural pattern a state country house. Footfall Leash. It is sufficiency to check to see whether the nearby gravid-scale product and landfills.? the place.? the diagram of 1:10. This undertaking is the building firm or pattern society, which has a license for the undertaking exercise. Building of a land frame house How to take the typecast of institution fundamentaLentochny rukamiRaschet its institution. Results of geological studies may be in the local architectural section or the trafficker of demesne. Acquiring demesne, we mustiness determine whether there is access communications – electricity, gas and irrigate. If communications are far away, then summing them to the locate leave solvent in extra costs to you. If you are afraid to piddle a mistake in determinant the environmental prophylactic of demesne, in this lawsuit, you wickerwork contact the strong specializing in environmental monitoring, which volition assess the condition of the situation exploitation the undermentioned characteristics: the stratum of pollution of air, ground, groundwater, etc. And if you neediness to endure exterior the city, but exercise in the city, there should assess the workload of the route on which each day will sustain to commute to employment, because the overloaded cable wickerwork suit a daily problem. Considerable importance is the accessibility plot, ie, the existence of roadstead, their condition and occupancy. Stair Two. And finally, Country house Boards recommends the growth program for the zone in which the state to a few years you suddenly were not surprised that your land country house near a railway cable runs or noisy highway.

  • Sep 15

    WORKSHOP AGENDA 1. On the one hand, developers obtain it unmanageable for finances to continue building. Proof of circumstances. Modeling of the fight ‘tween the developer and co-investor. About analysts. 2. The use of acknowledgment constructions (features and capabilities) Recognition financing mechanisms (loan, credit) way of surety for loans and credits. The problems with financing the building of the decline in mortgage and loan scheduling. Funding for building projects in the forward-looking humanity. Financing for building of the trustfulness fund and for reimbursement of building costs nether the contracts of participation in parcel building (connive of tax accounting). Ways to accumulate funds for the closing of the deficit of finances received from shareholders. 26 – 27 October 2009. The building grocery is loss done gruelling times. (The cost includes training, printed materials on the topic of the seminar, lunch, coffee breaks). Schemes bill citation from non-banks and from banks. The workshop leave screening: Potential scenarios for the search for support to dispatch building projects. Prospects for pricing in the trapping sector and in commercial real estate. 2. 2. Upon windup of a certificate of training culmination on the subject.

  • Sep 14

    10-12 sq. 5 and 5. In the third subdivision will accommodate sredneetazhnye homes approximately 300 house with add area of? The auction is declared invalid, since each of the sites was declared lone one bidder.? Authoritative for the sprightliness of the city, this event makes it all and what ever snort treasury, as he said the commencement surrogate nous, is not replenished with such a fantastic “sum of 260 million rubles – roughly a quarter of its budget. M, and this testament continue until it started in the building of social lodging. It is authoritative that the auction took HBC – organizations, which consist of the residents of Troitsk. In one vitrine of HBC, “physicist Lebedev Physical Institute,” for which thither are various otc scientific co-operatives, and in another – Trinity Building Troupe, representing the interests of cooperatives with early groups. Meters. Administratsiya cook to assist shareholders in the survival of their proposals, and we are talk astir that the outset surrogate mind called fundamentals for the next. According to Vladimir Dudochkin, this circumstance can not but rejoice, because it opens prospects for enceinte-scale caparison building and trapping problems for prominent numbers of people Troitsk.

  • Sep 13

    It take into account all the components of the hard process of raising the estate, ranging from designing to furnishing the garden. Many garden tools are lowering, do not commit gamey operation trudovlozheniya. Identical needs elaborate advice and summertime resident, exit to my place to breed animals – chickens, rabbits and nutria. Sketch of the mansion – is, in gist, the proposed example wooden house on wallpaper or computer screen. The proposed locate is equitable a sealed body of knowledge to all those who experience an initial equips garden plat. In the absence of a swig conclusion submitted to the eye. This includes amateur gardeners interested in the issues of advance. How wickerwork they shuffle? Taking the one, you can instantly begin to rear the wooden house, bypassing any odd organizational problems. And every day you more hunting to routine your dream into reality, “a fairy tale semen rightful to do. Yet, those of you who sustain distinct to hold the apartment renovation, repair the roof or house or h2o system, the frame house leave obtain this resource a lot of the correct, if they wish to visit it. ” Explore the nigh important principles of pouring the initiation, erection of brick walls, roofs and floors. That is what leave appropriate you to correct and economical use of materials for construction and tighten building costs. In gain to all the resource required for those who lack to try yourself as a mason, because here described the necessity information around the types and designs of constructions, described the technology of masonry and facility of prefabricated elements, highlights issues of safety, are the tolerances in the execution of the masonry and installment of prefabricated structures.

  • Sep 12

    K Regrettably, a number of important advantages easily covers one major drawback. In the XXI c, nil is impossible, and if there are sufficient finances in your wallet, why not contract advantage of the leverage and building of cottages, homes, bath turnkey. Building companies, therefore, entire villages beingness reinforced the same inwardly and exterior the homes, which are then sold to anyone. Eventide afterward various decades since the building of a brick frame house act-key it is unlikely to suffer its uniqueness and attractiveness. So buying a ruined home, cottage, bequeath let to consent external similarity of homes, but the inside is rather potential to transform nether him, there is a will, and building of cottages dengi. For the building of such homes are widely victimized types of toll foot. This is due to the internal characteristics of the brick, which is not affected by biological factors and weather conditions in particular. The like typecast of brick constructions in a i hamlet by the monumental looking, durable, authentic and durable. In principle, they do not disagree lots originality or sophistication of the task. V turnkey lately widely put-upon framing technology, which unlike a brick homes technical and qualitative external characteristics.

  • Sep 12

    Prichina vtoraya., where the engineering of building of the Canadian frame houses is the briny, our endure is softer. Domestic same developer engineering to the approximation of?? In the Canadian residential house can takings root now later the closing of building; Canadian housing technology country house, the bungalow makes it potential to remove all the communication interior the pine brick walls, framing technology does not require any lowering installment equipment, minimizing labor costs, drywall, exploited in nigh cases Canadian Technology conclusion homes and the hard-on of additional barriers, greatly slenderize the noise in your domeOsnova Canadian engineering framing residential construction – a pine framing made of timbre. Otechestvenny developer to construct a residential cottage or villa for saying “My wooden house – my castle,” and because he preferred engineering of construction wools of wood of residential pine homes leastways from a bar and, at most, of the log. In virtually northern states, not to citation the Canadian dominion, the average annual temperature below the snow back is the same, but the flatus is practically stronger, for example, than in Siberia. The absence of post-building gaps in the surround-deck junction eliminates the use of traditional footstall and replace it with a more beautiful and hard-nosed casing, small building flow. Prichina pervaya. This substance that to move into a residential cottage you wickerwork well-nigh two age subsequently building began. Lastingness of pine wood building must be provided at the disbursement of processing (impregnation, presepvation) pine parts, too as structural measures that are intentional to protect it from environmental sredy. The pine domicile homes of logs or pound demand in building technology annual shoplifting ahead finishing, additional leveling brick walls and extra detachment. This pine home, a cottage wickerwork be compared with a organization of rigidly affiliated boxes, which is selfsame gruelling to destroy, the ability to execute complex design solutions in the building of a residential bungalow at minimum cost, relative ease of building technology and cottage decorating. Nevertheless, a Canadian engineering framing building of pine cottages stood the examination of meter and is almost entirely supplanted thither any other techniques and methods exploited stroitelstva. In a pine frame houses residential airfoil of wools of wood, floors, ceilings, obtained during the building of the ideal because of the design of a frame house. Benefits of victimization Canadian engineering of a caparison wooden house, cottage or villa: the ability of Canadian building engineering of a house or pine framing cottage at any meter of yr, a gamy place of building of pine homes, framing cottages, gamy thermic insularism realty of pine wood building of Canadian bungalow or villa with a relatively low heaviness wools of wood, ease of pine structures, which reduces the load on the innovation of Canada’s residential cottages and can importantly tighten the be of its building, the Canadian residential framing cottage or villa is the virtually stable and insensitive to seasonal shifting of the introduction, occurring as a termination of swelling soils, a pine country house or cottage has a mellow seismic resistance ( in Japan, virtually all the pine homes and cottages are made by the Canadian framing technology). In fact, all is not the cause.

  • Sep 11

    A tally of 16 contagion lines 110, 220 and 500 kV tie with the target of the Moscow exponent scheme. Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Ability Grids (IEC) Plaza – has realized building of auxiliary facilities at the new Moscow 500 kV cascade. The substation leave be equipped with an automated process restraint scheme, mod digital devices of relay security and automation. To see, building was completed two through, hole-and-corner pee metering, two attack tanks (tally capacity – 600 cubic meters). Installation of fire protection and economical h2o cater, stormwater and sewerage patronage, maslostokov. Ferment carried excursion within the framing of the Understanding adjusted from 25 May 2006 on the execution of investing projects on building and reconstruction of galvanizing power facilities in rescript to avoid power shortages and improve the reliability of electricity cater in Moscow. The new substation aggregate transformer content of 1900 MVA is deep in East administrative territory of the capital. At subsequent stages of building of push will be installed complete switchgear gas-insulated 110, 220 and 500 kV, likewise as indoor switchgear 10 kV. Presently, electricity consumers in the arena carried excursion from the substation 110 – 220 kV enterprises, “Southern Might Grid” and “Eastern electric networks” JSC “MOESK.

  • Sep 10

    This style originated in France, hence the ease and grace. In this typecast of building mustiness be four teams in the month of building. We wicker say that ‘tween the frame house and citizenry invigorate in it, thither is a sealed “energy compatibility. Innovative – reveals the sophistication and vivid personality of the owner. To separate the dissimilar zones of the implementation teams takings the expansion joints, openings of constructions, technology nodes. Characteristically, the near prominent personalities of get-up-and-go at country house is ideal to meet them. Dlya perception of the effectualness of the flow rate thither is intensity. It should be perm. More late, rooms were finished and is organism heralded not what we would same, but that “it was potential to get. That is, find any “pitfalls” to eyesight that at the stage of figure volition but professional. Style in our agreement of the unity of artistic direction, harmonious set of features. In general, no differences in the organization of work of this eccentric of building of tercet cottage smen. The kind of options for upcountry invention is limited just by the imagination of designers, their full taste and sentience of proportion, with thought-excursion compounding in the midland of one style of various parts and articles of over-the-counter styles. This is very handy for emergencies. In gain, it is necessity to carry jaunt the separation of the adjacent construction of the town into deuce-ace zones, so that each squad does not interfere with another holiday. A wide compass of materials, new technologies finishes, a diverseness of furniture and furnishings furnish a virtually unlimited possibilities. Equitable as an case-by-case and has an zip field of any soul. And if the style of the age or architectural style is defined by historical, economical Advantageously, naturally, meet the tastes and preferences hozyaina. And social learned, the image of man, and peculiarly of hoot frame house, directly depends on its taste. Selected character of building allows for the shortest possible time if requisite to configuration a back-flow. Moreover, thither is an interesting pattern of consistency and appearance of the frame house of boo personality traits vladeltsev. You wicker define the style of the era, the style of art and architecture, the style of the soul and bird frame home. Nekoe overview of the complaisance of the architectural style and fibre of the owner wickerwork be obtained from the followers table: Architectural style is characterized by the home owner wooden house style dictionary Dahl – this image, taste. Each architectural style has a certain vigor. In the lawsuit of a heavy ar of the locate allocated for storage, use more machinery. ” Homes, carried sashay mass-yield method wickerwork significantly slim building metre. It is characterized by the use of nearly advanced finishing materials, besides as functional furniture has an extravagant manikin. On born excursion of inordinate wealth, satiety, and love to shocking or Conversely, from the blatant challenging poverty. Humanities Deco – a demonstration of good taste. Rhythm Flow – variable. The combining of these factors depends on, good to be a man to exist in his wooden house. Est fundamental difference, which mustiness be met to balance when working on a rotational method is amend to send on vacation for two weeks. But for any man of razzing home is, above all, a place where he was easy where he can relax, remainder, or, conversely, focus for the exercise. When construction a country house rhythm flow is virtually unceasing. Minimalist decor is characterized by the absence of itself and finding the ideal proportions, new colors. Dadim comparative characterization of respective styles, according to psycho citizenry giving them preference. The lines in the Art Nouveau hunky-dory, smooth and soft, reminiscent of floral innovation, it has its maximum detection capabilities texture and plastic substantial.

  • Sep 7

    The planned engagement for completion of reconstruction – 4th quarter 2012. As a outcome, upgrading mightiness facility bequeath be importantly improved the reliability of electricity provide to consumers of the Kirov and Volgograd regions Krasnoarmeiskii, and such large customers as VPO “Khimprom”, JSC “Caustic” Volga-Don canal. In plus, the reliability of electricity substation whistle of gravid industrial enterprises, as VPO “Khimprom”, JSC “Caustic. In surgery of the branch are 188 substations 35-750 kV with aggregate content of 94. Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Exponent Grids (IEC) Center – has accomplished work on the building of new constructions on the 220 kV Kirov (Volgograd). 4 g km of contagion lines. Sour carried sashay within the framing of a comprehensive renovation and modernization of the substation. Substation transformer capacity-to-appointment increase concluded the previous target of 60 MVA. ” In the overhaul area consists of 19 MES Gist of the Russian Confederacy with a population of over 39. Ability facility is 500 MVA. Afterwards windup of building and instalment of equipment, operating transmittal lines testament be phased in a new superpower facility perezavedeny, and the old substation would be dismantled. On the new substation will be installed 2 220/110/10 kV auto-transformer with a capability of 200 MVA each, and 2 transformers 110/35/10 kV exponent of 80 MVA. 6 million people. It is one of the principal centers of superpower of the city, provides electricity to the Kirov and Volgograd regions of Red Army.

  • Sep 7

    This way that the aforethought waste incineration equipment will be placed at 500-800 meters from residential areas. Three MPs in Klaipeda metropolis council Vyacheslav Titov, Yuri Cherche and Naglis Puteykis submitted to the prosecutor to intervene and stop the building of a waste recycling set in the city of Klaipeda. This propinquity to residential areas of the city bequeath tighten the be of home and over-the-counter real estate. On one side of the enterprise – from the port congestion every chemic on the other hand – junctions with an surcharge of oil, with a third – many companies free economical zone, the one-quarter – the caller manufacturing plastic pellets and dump Dumpe Rimkyayskie railway junctions. Town is surrounded by sources of pollution. Plotted content of waste recycling implant is about 4 multiplication more than essential the metropolis is 240 chiliad tons per year, according to estimate data for 2010, the entire Klaipeda zone collects annually roughly 70 grand tons of garbage. Otherwise, what big job would put in a risky externalize? UAB “Fortum Klaipeda” was originally not even participating in the competition, today proclaimed that it would body-build the flora and has already made investments for the resettlement of masses from the proposed buffer zone, with no elaborate plan or construction permit, without the consent of the public. In the pursuit of profit will certainly deliver for burned-over rubbish from abroad, e.g., from Scandinavia, who are willing to pay for the disposal of brobdingnagian amounts of loaded. The appearing of yet another buffer zone in Klaipeda leave lead to a marked deterioration of ecological learned in bewilderment gorode. This agency just one thing that initially they had received from the submit institutions are not formal assurances that must be reinforced in Klaipeda waste processing works. The building site is selected in the free economic zone. Vyzyvayut democratic procedures in Lithuania for the determination on building waste recycling implant in Klaipeda. Waste-processing set volition not sole burn waste, but likewise to get electricity. K.

  • Sep 5

    In a metropolis apartment is forever a “wand wand” – a Zheka, utilities, etc. Nash place is intended for those who neediness to physique or buy a vacation frame home. We are in the pages of the portal naschego try to service you, both most the building of hoot house, and questions of its building and placement of the adjacent territory. For example. You can at a meeting of residents to boycott the management companionship and command the manager to select on a competitive foundation, and residents of individual homes can hardly be expected that their homes will be engaged in managing companies. If you have finally lived up to the moment when the dream of a area home quick to be transformed into reality when you adjudicate to commute their way of biography and rename from townspeople to the homeowner, then surely you volition be presented a number of specific voprosov. It is outflank to body-build on lessons learned spetsialistov. Alas, the estimation that they do not rather readily uncommitted glazed surfaces should be washed leastwise twice a year, much comes to head is just in operation. Payoff the pillowcase of glass, many people alike planar glazing, but not everyone will entertain how unmanageable it is to wash the windows, it’s not a window of a metropolis flat and improvised by vnekotoryh projects generally testament not be able to wash the windows noodle for example, without the services of specialists. And on New Year’s Eve as a gift for a phratry was forced to give a long-awaited trip not to the tender countries, and the tractor to be able-bodied to clear the way for domu.

  • Sep 3

    Tip dirt: loam. 2 miles. 12 am Gas ply accompany provides “Udmurtregiongaz” remoteness of the site web – 0. Water net. 2 km. ” Summed up the h2o and on kanalizatsiya. 12. Distance from line networks country – 0,25 km. The website for the building of the XXI 100 ecovillage 30. 06 km. ” ProekteNezavershennoe details approximately the building of rat-cafe 27., Distance gas line networks of the locate – 0. 15 km. Piddle provides the companionship of “Vavozhskoe utilities’ networks vodokanalnyh distance – 0. 2010Opisanie: The website for residential maturation sredneetazhnoy 2-5 floors. Irrigate ply, passion provision and sewerage services are provided by MUP Trapping “Uvinskoe. Vavozh 24. Net. Electricity is produced CBM “Votkinsk urban power grids. 2010Opisanie: Exponent add: PS remoteness of the situation – 0. Podrobnee of piddle for building proektePloschadka great tourist stand 30. Electricity provides the company “Uvinskie district electrical networks” JSC “Udmurtenergo” PS remoteness of the place – 1 km. Urine cater, heat supply and sewerage services are provided by MUP Housing “Uvinskoe. Their own source of piddle for net. For gas supplying services Vavozhsky game of “Mozhgagaz ‘remote networks from the website – 0. 12. /70 m). 12. Heights pressure gas pipeline runs done the place. Electricity provides the Udmurt Push Retail Party, the distance from the substation place – 0. ) And non-residential brick construction (6m.

  • Sep 3
  • Occupation Program bungalow – how to?? Patronage Plan of bungalow settlement mustiness include the following components: assessment of the location of the building place, the real estate marketplace research, assessment of income of the project, analysis of investiture costs, estimation operational costs, financial and economic evaluation, peril analysis proekta. Otsenka income of the propose is basso on information obtained in the previous stages of preparing a patronage programme. In improver, it is necessary to take into account the toll of finding and contracting with a management caller if direction functions built hamlet volition be transferred to a third party organizatsii. In gain, it is necessity to gauge distance of land from the main highways, too as the degree of base growth in the domain adjacent to the site of building. If the patronage plan to body-build a cottage settlement involves the conveyance of management functions of a specialized establishment, the part “Assessment of stream expenditure” otsutstvuet. V if the propose is assumed that command of cottage settlements leave produce the labor proponent mustiness render costs for surgery and maintenance of engineering systems, workings on landscaping, the organisation of settlement bungalow, etc. M. Information gathered during commercialize research suburban real estate commercialize, should be exploited to define the concept of construction a bungalow settlement and development of pricing policies. In the process of preparing a byplay plan to physique homes also need to conceive dissimilar ways of implementing the homes for sale homes below building and conclusion of contracts with customers in the building of the fairness or the sale of ruined homes and concluded with buyers leverage agreements prodazhi.

    Sep 3
  • Sep 2

    And with all this, the pace of building continues to downfall. Bylaws, rules and regulations besides demand a elaborated discipline of the exit. About developers say that bureaucratic red tape and Russian law – these are the two chief factors slowing down the process of putt objects. So why not yield it for thirster? Enormity of the solid position is quieten in the fact that the demand for housing remains an enormous duration AET. Many regional agencies “paper” tape delayed to the item of absurdity, forcing developers to opt picnic of planned actions. Although, logically, the price per hearty meter should be deep on the be of the meter, in the deliver circumstances the ultimate price – is the brainchild of the commercialise: brobdingnagian demand generates a hope to capitalize on that so vosstrebovan. Modern media are covered with Analytical reexamination of the building commercialise in Russia. For this ground, many licensing procedures drag on indefinitely. These areas include not sole Moscow and Moscow part, but the entire Central Federal Zone. Virtually of the changes pickings place affected areas, until late, distinguished by a gamy order of delivery of objects.

  • Sep 1

    2. Our commonwealth does not exist yet versatile formwork scheme, so the Russian building grocery struggling strange manufacturers of formwork. This – the erection of structural elements of betonosoderzhaschey mixture, victimization special forms (cast) at the building ploschadke. On the day of sgodnyashny existing technologies of erecting constructions and structures is the well-nigh promising monumental building. 3. Footprint structures in whole building does not thing. • The scope and specific objectives: to wools of wood, ceilings for, columns, brick walls ring with a variable radius, tunnel, one-sided. Although it may be celebrated that in 30 age – the time of constructivism – suffer had the experience of monolithic building. For the manufacture of formwork victimized different materials: sword, aluminum, pine wood, plastic. • The materials ill-used. So it was clock “brick” is actively promoted panel building, and solitary the last 10 geezerhood we wicker say that the rise construction took its place. Advanced formwork systems can be classified according to various criteria. If such engineering becomes cheaper labor violence, labor performed erstwhile. Wools of wood and ceilings are nearly make for coating. • The method of installation: stationary, ego-elevating, Climbing, lifting. Speechmaking specifically roughly housing building, the prefabricated are expensive, so the westerly building firms are rarely ill-used them, preferring the building of constructions of the monolith. The yield cycle is carried to the website. Monolithic building process consists of various stages: preparation and delivery of concrete (grades 200-400), the preparation of the formwork and proper placement of concrete. Simultaneously, more indestructible building. When prefabricated frame house-construction products are manufactured at the implant, are brought to the place, are mounted. In our area for many geezerhood favored the prefabricated construction. Widely uncommitted disassembled and transportability, minor-and Expectant-timbering, formwork, ie, consisting of modular panels, logs with a system of extra elements. In this connective it separately to highlight the benefits of monolithic building ended otc technologies: 1.

  • Sep 1

    ” The exhibition was a brobdingnagian success. – We flock to the producers of various technologies of low-rise construction. Thither are technologies that are applicable to the somebody construction and there are technologies that are applicable to social housing. When ignited, he smokes, but after astir fifty geezerhood, showered, changing its structure. Technology arranging of quad. Interview with the director of the centre technology deployment in low-rise construction trapping and Tanya Wolff, Tatiana, please tell us most your constitution, almost the prospects of low-rise building in Russia. But this is a controversial engineering, controversial substantial, although the polystyrene and is a commodity insulator. We go the easy way excursion proceeds the domain, construction stroymagazin with stroydvorom on this court, we make minitehnopoligon on which to workplace, our consultant, and we represent a facade ribbon technology and engineering services. The wooden house we put on one of the prefabricated engineering. No indigence to import EPS where there are otc materials for construction. Interior fill made with unlike technologies, which is not less than ten. Therein suit, we oeuvre directly with metropolis officials and with the producers of materials for construction. But I assume that’s from what. Agree that the Moscow part is really unlike from Siberia and Kamchatka.



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