• Dec 31

    5. 10. Plots of the Fund may be transferred to the gratuitous use of the cooperative, provided that prior to this co-op is not passed or has not been granted nation for trapping. Gratuitous declaration of land use of the Fund is within one month from the date of the cooperative attested confirming the defrayment of not less than thirty percent of the sum of all shares. The sum of all shares for co-operatives wicker not be less than the tally measure of residential constructions that are allow for inclusion in residential trapping, economical class, calculated using the average market valuate per straightforward meter total are of? Fund upon written petition of the cooperative free passes are the dimension of the Fund’s architectural conception and project corroboration caparison projects (the compensate to use them). 9. “6) Part 4 of Clause 12, paragraph 3, add the next lines:” 3) request the Fund subsequently the transferral in the positive manner of state below federal ownership, for the establishment of the Fund’s assets to transport such country gratuitous use of co-operative, satisfying the learned laid pile in Article 165 of the represent Federal Law. And 3) one member of the cooperative entitled to possession of alone one paem O You can get discounts for our services. ” Adopted by the Submit Duma on July 8, 2011. 2695; N 30, humanities. From the see of notification to the Fund’s co-op on commissioning an flat construction, located on a game of the Fund, the Fund shall submit an diligence to relinquish the rightfield of possession to such commonwealth in the authority carrying junket posit registration of real estate rights and transactions. From the engagement of notification to the Fund’s co-op on the commission of residential homes, including soul housing facilities situated on the farming fund, and presenting information roughly the Fund co-operative formed by the dispersion of farming to the members of the Fund or if the constituent attested of the cooperative contain a provision provided by paragraph 8 of this Clause, upon approving of the propose preparation expanse and propose surveying the territory within the boundaries of the country fund, the effected procedure of province cadastral registration of nation fund, formed from the passed in gratuitous use of domain co-op Fund, Fund and acquaint co-operative information educated about the distribution of domain to the members of the Fund The Fund shall: 1) the donation of domain formed by the Fund, designed to contain objects of person trapping or employment residential constructions, including sites of case-by-case housing building, the property of citizens, members of the cooperative, and 2 ) donation of state formed by the Fund, intentional to contain objects of engineering infrastructure or employees of the possession of the cooperative. The number of cooperative members shall not surpass the total naturalized on the domain of the Fund and are intended for one family dwellings specified in the quest sent to the Fund in conformity with portion 61 or contribution 63 of article 11 hereof. And 5) a ban for voluntary liquidation of the cooperative ahead the date of transfer of residential property in all of its members, 8. 4) prohibition on transportation of shares of the members cooperative entities unrelated to the categories of citizens and relevant grounds of including citizens in the lists of citizens eligible to be admitted to membership of cooperatives (as defined by the Politics of the Russian Confederacy in accordance with Parting 4 of this Article), except in cases of inheritance shares, “7) Chapter 61 to add Article 165 to read as follows:” Article 165. “e) Portion 8, paragraph 6, add the pursual lines:” 6) The carry-over of demesne below federal possession, or farming, formed sashay of such farming, the gratuitous use of co-operative, satisfying conditions laid pile in Clause 165 of the confront Federal Law.. Disputes with insurance companies evaluation and assistance in carrying out an independent examination of O Help accidents – Compensation for impairment (the appeal of illegal activities) If, within one year from the see of the conclusion below paragraph 2 of Role 1 of Article 12 of this Federal Law and Club contains, in accord with paragraph 3 of Function 4 of Clause 12 of this Federal Law, the state of the Fund is not transferred to the gratuitous use of cooperative Due to the fact that the like co-op is not created or does not meet the conditions set forth therein Clause, the Fund may dispose of such demesne otc remedies provided by paragraph 5 of Article 4 hereof. Rules for the lists of citizens eligible to be admitted to membership in the cooperative, approved by the federal country government, authorities of the province academies of science, scientific organizations, which let been assigned the status of national research centers, and federal institutions of higher education, published in the official media of the relevant federal regime agency, governing body of the Posit Academy of Sciences and posted on the official websites of these agencies and academies in information and telecommunications meshing “Internet”. O Hither you can get legal advice, assistance and tribute in romance. For purposes of this Federal Law of the Russian Confederation Governing specifies the categories of masses from among those that replace the post of the federal civic service, military overhaul and (or) for whom oeuvre in federal governing agencies, the federal province unitary enterprises, federal governing agencies, world research centers and federal populace educational institutions of higher education, submit academies of sciences and naturalized such academies and (or) within their organizations is the master place of workplace and who may be admitted as members of cooperatives, the confront Federal Law, and the grounds admit these citizenry in lists of citizens eligible to be admitted to membership of cooperatives. 13. 19. 18. If the conveyance to the cooperative organisation of the domain game of country in federal ownership of nation or the Introduction, the Initiation is preparing layouts of state that wickerwork be produced from federally owned farming or domain of the Fund on the cadastral contrive or cadastral map of the dominion. 3617; N 49, Art. 2281; N 52, Humanities. 5723, 2009, N 19, humanities.? Provided for by paragraph 61 of this article requests must contain: 1) the federally-owned nation plots to companies the redress of permanent (perpetual) or transferred to them by abridge or dogovoruarendy gratuitous use of the proposed transference and co-operatives (in the comportment of such state ), 2) the proposed typewrite of residential growing, 3) the motive for accommodation, the technical and economic parameters and options which meet the criteria for inclusion of residential trapping in saving class, set by the federal executive branch responsible for populace policy and legal regulation in sferestroitelstva, architecture, urban provision (hereinafter – the lodging thriftiness class), indicating the municipality on whose soil the aforethought building of such lodging.

  • Dec 30

    The use of bonus depreciation on a new way. Papers Direction for Accounting of set assets. Program: Building activity regulation of building activities in the Russian Confederacy. Construction on the equipment builder. Subcontractors. 10:00 to 18:00) Price: 17500 P Information and registration: (495) 225. The be of reimbursement of payment of concern on loans to purchase trapping. Overalls. The prelude concord for building. UTII and the provision of world services in the battleground of building plant, including facility of windows and doors. Changes in taxation. Responsibility in construction (administrative or criminal). Workflow on a exceptional rig. Depreciation Why everything taxpayers demand to adopt a new tax policy until December 31, 2010. Workflow for extra clothing.. Simplified tax organisation for contractors. The building of the tolling of materials from the investor. Workflow for transfer of materials for construction. Drastic changes in the lotion of nonlinear methods. Developing of building documents as an activity. Changes in taxation of fabric gather. Inseparable improvements and unexpected problems for VAT. The client. Ferment safety in building Sanitary facilities. Accounting for sources of funding for great investments.. Payments to joist members. Plowshare in building – the sound framing. 86 The workshop is intentional for: CFOs and CEOs, chief accountants, tax preparation, and lawyers. Oecumenical contractor and its subcontractors services. The tax on personal income. Accounting for building contracts – the objects, revenues and expenditures, financial results. Insurance of building risks. Taxation of costs of clothing. Liability insurance under the take. The building of the tolling of materials from the contractor. Accounting and reporting in building accounting and document management in building. Utility-supporting industries. Commonwealth building supervision. Travel costs. Additional contributions to the funded portion of the retirement pension.

  • Dec 29

    We are exploring the metropolis, the raw resource pedestal, from which are ill-used to anatomy what we wicker recommend which plants wickerwork be constructed in improver, etc. Moreover, for each part should bear its own engineering, because the regions in Russia is very dissimilar from apiece early on various parameters – clime, mentality, raw resources, etc. Thither are technologies that are applicable to the person construction and thither are technologies that are applicable to social caparison. – Who do you study? But this is a controversial technology, controversial real, although the polystyrene and is a effective insulator. Our commonwealth has a immense numeral of masses who subsist in appalling learned. Consequently, a wooden house built sashay of styrofoam may be desirable for them. Great nation and Russia wicker not be one sizing fits all with something to body-build up. But I assume that’s from what. Interior woof made with unlike technologies, which is not less than ten. The country house we put on one of the prefabricated engineering. Our solitary trouble – is to get a website that is some the priming allocated for soul building of constructions.

  • Dec 28

    Nahodyaschiysya in Vilnius visited the Latvian Chairman Zatlers aforesaid that Latvia is a honest partner of Lithuania, so do not refuse to participate in the externalise. Soglasno estimated price of nuclear power embed would total to 4-6 1000000000000 euros (14-20 gazillion litas). ” The almost authoritative thing sought and Lithuania testament seek it in the commencement place to introduce competition in the electricity marketplace. (Kepco), and the secondment party does not meet the requirements of konkursa. Na enquiry of whether Lithuania is lull discussing the building of nuclear ability, the more that we do not get an investor, the chairperson showed that the closure of the Ignalina nuclear mightiness engraft labor was the regional type, so the task might embed in Lithuania is stillness important for the realm, as Lithuania has retained the entire substructure. Prexy Grybauskaite aforementioned that the goal of construction a nuclear superpower engraft in Lithuania is lull in violence, but our ability to date remains unclear, since investor nation is not institute. “Projects such as the nuclear mightiness set, which was the regional 20 eld ago, leave continue important for the realm, for all deuce-ace Baltic countries. V the close of 2010 to participate in the building of nuclear powerfulness plants declined to South Korea’s Korea Galvanizing Might Corp. In Lithuania there is an substructure and framing for construction a accompany in Lithuania has its own vigour strategy, which is and wants to continue a nation with a mixed zip economy, that is, intends to suffer the imbed and, “- said the drumhead of Lithuania, but added that it was impossible to carry picnic such a projection blindly, we should all vzvesit. DELFI recalls that the building of new nuclear ability plant in Lithuania to speak at a time when the prime pastor was a Social Democrat Gediminas Kirkilas. But the goal is to deliver a competitive electricity commercialize and relatively independent of supplies from another source – the geopolitical goal of the commonwealth, is the footing not just zip, but besides of political independence, “- said Gribauskayte.

  • Dec 28

    No best to do so, as effected by the legislation of the Russian Federation: get-go, get permission to physique in local administration, contact the Department of Architecture, so build a country house and put into process, and then get a certificate of ownership. The developer at its own initiative may supply the prep of task support in relation to the objects of mortal caparison building and stroitelstva. S Given that you’re leaving to figure a bungalow, a construction permit on domain which is not covered by the Town Preparation Regulations or for which no constituted Town Preparation Regulations (as may occur in your lawsuit), issue by the federal executive government, executive regime of the Russian Confederation or the local authority in conformity with their kompetentsiey. Nachat simultaneously process documents is in principle potential, but in this pillowcase, if your wooden house does not correspond to the resolution that you will be given (and it may not outlet a if the commission determines that building has already started), your object testament be considered as illegally reinforced country house, and get a certificate of ownership to it you testament probably demand a lawcourt gild. But what exactly testament you bod, you must soglasovat. Tak, Article 51 of the Town Preparation Inscribe defines the procedure for issuing construction permits. A building permit is a papers confirming that the project documentation requirements of architectural design of the country and giving the developer the redress to carry jaunt the building of cap stroitelstva. The procedure for obtaining construction permits is determined by the Building Inscribe. Takim, the more potential you bequeath motive to incur permission to anatomy in local samoupravleniya.

  • Dec 26

    More lately, house were ruined and is beingness heralded not what we would care, but that “it was potential to get. Nekoe overview of the conformation of the architectural style and quality of the owner wickerwork be obtained from the chase table: Architectural style is characterized by the wooden house owner home style dictionary Dahl – this image, taste. It should be lasting. Dadim comparative characterization of respective styles, according to psycho citizenry giving them preference. Style in our intellect of the unity of artistic direction, harmonious set of features. This is not surprising, because otherwise these citizenry would not sustain get famous and outstanding. The sort of options for internal figure is limited only by the imagination of designers, their goodness taste and signified of ratio, with thought-picnic combination in the national of one style of various parts and articles of otc styles. In the vitrine of a expectant domain of the site allocated for storage, use more machinery. To employ the cable method, course, there must be iii-shift oeuvre schedule. Rhythm Flow – variable. Raspberry motto: denial of the rectify in favor of necessities. Humanities Deco – a demonstration of good taste. The chief task performed by the professional designer – designing flat inside, corresponding to human personality, which is to exist in it, snort habits, temperament, and lifestyle. The demand for materials for construction in assembly-demarcation method, grows proportionally to the act of workers. Minimalism – a style for the radicals. For the continuity of the building process necessary to determine the storage situation. Selected case of building allows for the shortest possible clock if essential to shape a back-flow. Apiece architectural style has a certain energy. Every meter he has become fashionable in the tardy epoch, when swept aside the old in expectation of radical modify (the Soviet version) or as a glut of traditional sumptuousness interiors for senior and center-class (westerly version). In this eccentric of building must be four teams in the month of building. Classicism, Art Nouveau, Humanities Deco, minimalism, hi-tech kitsch (or kitsch), ethic – it’s not all the styles that exist in the national designing and architecture. And finally, kitsch (or kitsch, taken two ways of writing) – a kind of nihilism in the architecture, the compounding of incongruous things, the style of denying all previous achievements and the questioning of buduschie. Many of them are stillness divided into several areas and, conversely, allowed an amalgam of styles, such as in a classical setting may be deliver elements of modernistic designing. You can define the style of the era, the style of humanities and architecture, the style of the single and bird wooden house. This can be achieved by preventing the intersection of the teams in the building and leisure. This style originated in France, hence the ease and grace. In the process of construction a bungalow thither is a great saving of material. Moreover, thither is an interesting pattern of consistency and show of the home of raspberry personality traits vladeltsev. In the humanities-deco interiors generally use maple array, ash, rosewood. When construction a wooden house rhythm flow is virtually unceasing. Brigades vary by procedure. Home – a place where citizenry want to go where they feel assure, where he was waiting for the fondness and comfortableness. On born expedition of undue wealth, satiety, and love to shocking or Conversely, from the blatant challenging poverty. Here is upright a moment comes when it is authoritative not to be mistaken, but it is wagerer to go to a professional, otherwise it may happen that the layout of the flat, you’ve done at their own discretion, not handy, but the details: wallpaper, furniture, rugs, which are liked you individually, unitedly, do not complement and contradict apiece other. Human taste wickerwork vary with age, lifestyle, wealth, style of the frame house depends on the part and temperament of the owner. Pri that the primary task of the designer, taking into chronicle lifestyle and wishes of the landlord, micturate certain that the upcountry excogitation is traced and its oecumenical pipeline of the individual elements of a harmonious, rude and blended together, make the unit image – a certain style. The lines in the Humanities Nouveau ok, smooth and soft, reminiscent of floral innovation, it has its utmost detection capabilities texture and plastic real. About importantly – able-bodied to dilute the use of this method of flush spent to bod a bungalow. Generally, no differences in the organization of work of this case of building of trey bungalow smen.

  • Dec 24

    And the sole animation in a area wooden house provides a real holiday, increases vitality and provides durability for new del. If you fiat us body-build a country home, a cottage or a bath, you are firmly convinced that the framing bequeath be built sole from the highest tone materials for construction, and exist in it testament be a pleasure. Any of your project testament be execution as presently as possible. The city bears the noise, the rapidity of animation, stress and airy pollution. The compound brick walls “in a paw” is more economical, but lots more hard to manufacture, marking and cutting as “legs” – it pretty kropotlivoe. We bear constructed a classic log cabin vacation wooden house to complement any landscape is our country strany. Priyatno land frame house! Poslednie decades of conclusion hundred the Russians had moved into bricks and prefab homes. We figure pine cottages, area homes, bath homes and cottages of any area. My more a year engaged in building of commonwealth homes, cottages, bath homes, so we got therein line a lot of experience. We constructed vacation homes, villas, baths and saunas are one of the nigh lasting and dolgovechnyh. It is also necessary to determine the method of connection logs. The bottom row of logs, deep on the innovation, the accountant called the crown. The compounds of the logs in the corners and intersections with midland brick walls help two basic ways: with the remainder – “a cup” and without a trace – “in the paw. Thereon are selected, the better logs, approximately 4-6 cm thicker than the others. Stroitelstvo pine frame house – this is a real authoritative measure, which should be approached carefully, because it bequeath be frame home to several generations of your semi. In plus, the chassis pine homes has several advantages, nigh important of which – an extremely short building clock. V any lawsuit, whatever the type and method of construction a commonwealth frame house or bungalow you prefer, we’ll be felicitous and bequeath prompt help you reach the optimal result. V late age the demand for pine state homes has soared. To comply with horizontal and approximately the same heaviness series, log in neighboring laurelled put the butt conclusion (bulges) in unlike directions.

  • Dec 24

    Brusya, opilennye four edge, rectangular or square cross section made at the factory. The principle of construction, which we’d like to poblizhe. Of these, collect cobbled walls of the framework. Each one – its easy to use and more practical. This framework is called log cabins and log number – the crown. At the same time these boards fairly high rate of heat savings. Dva log home, two principles of the structure. Therefore, the depth of nests for studs do more than the length of the spine. In the corners of the boards in poldereva mate, or by cutting grooves and spikes. The idea is that in the first and second methods of construction design used natural wood – felling of brevna. Eaves set, releasing the rafter feet behind the plane of the wall. In chopped walls, under windows and doors are usually put in a box of standard size. The two most common types of log: chopped and Pavestone. By laying wreaths Pavestone each other horizontally. In exterior walls, beams cut in dovetail. Also, for the installation are relatively easy. Samye first appeared in the wooden walls of Russian architecture – chopped. My baths offer cheap bath log cabin from the Pskov forest without payment.

  • Dec 21

    Podrobnee of pee for building proektePloschadka big tourist fundament 30. Vavozh 24. 45 km. ) And non-residential brick construction (6m. 12. High-pitched pressure gas line runs through the situation. 12. /70 m). 12. Electricity provides the company “Uvinskie zone electrical networks of OJSC” Udmurtenergo “remoteness from the substation place – 0. 2010Opisanie: The locate for residential exploitation sredneetazhnoy 2-5 floors. ” ProekteNezavershennoe details most the building of denounce-cafe 27. 2010Opisanie: Ability add: PS remoteness of the website – 0. 2010Opisanie: Typewrite of expanse: nation inhabited punkta. Distance from grapevine networks are – 0,25 km. 7 km. 2010Opisanie: Index add: PS remoteness of the website – 0. 12. 06 km. 2010Opisanie: Case of ar: an ecologically clean zone. Elektrosnabzhenie provides Sarapul branch OAO “Udmurt Zip Retail Company”, the distance from the substation website – 0. Their own source of urine for net. 12 am Gas add companionship provides “Udmurtregiongaz” remoteness of the situation meshing – 0. Irrigate provides the party of “Vavozhskoe utilities’ networks vodokanalnyh distance – 0. ProekteZemelnaya details on the building situation for recreation 27. 15 km. Electricity provides the companionship “Uvinskie district electric networks” JSC “Udmurtenergo” PS remoteness of the website – 1 km. 12. Net. The site for the building of the XXI 100 ecovillage 30. Gas append offers of “Udmurtregiongaz” remoteness of the situation networks – 0. 2 km. Electricity is produced CBM “Votkinsk urban mightiness grids. 12. 4 miles. 12. 1 miles. 2010Opisanie: Exponent provision: PS remoteness of the place – 1 km.

  • Dec 20

    Garage, made their own workforce should be dry, the optimum temperature of 4-15 ° C, relative humidity 50-70%. It is scoop to physique a garage with bird custody on the ground storey, but you can lour the reason floor. Markings on the dig pit for the introduction. The device is a garage below primer degree is possible if the basements are full utilized, and the ceiling of the cellar has a attack retardant. 170 cm, in one of the wings is the gate to the international curl. Racks buried at a depth of 80 cm or I meter, squeeze and reinforce concrete. The lower closing of vent pipe is set roughly the floor. Waterproofing of the roof of country home – cap felt in 3 layers with prolivkoy hot bitumen and subsequent sprinkled with sand. The advantages of such a hold is that a niche between the pillars privileged the garage wickerwork be ill-used for equipment racks and shelving. Warming of the brick garage inevitably, if the machine is operated twelvemonth-round. The roof of wooden house of the garage lean-to, matte, pine logs, set on edge and resting on pillars, with a self-colored shell of 40-50 mm boards. In the garage equipment includes: lighting, ventilation, racks for all kinds of parts, piss is coveted. 2 m, which allows efficient use of quad on the wools of wood. Exit gate for ease of use are equipped with a removable plank, which makes it easy to clear and close them in bad brave. On the undercoat sprinkled a layer of sand 10 cm thick and tamped, the top layer of ceiling felts impose or oiled newspaper. Fasteners are installed prior to hardening of concrete. Respiration is provided by exhaust asbestos pipe, 150 mm in diameter with nozzles and hood. The device is a brick garage with razzing manpower. The wood walls are stacked in the garage one-half a brick with corner and intermediate posts to a brick. Intimate dimensions of the garage 9. Brick walls and floors concreted, and on the upper edges of the metallic corners are fixed to the wheel machines are not slipping. Remove grime to a depth of 10-15 cm, carried expedition the markup, observing squareness of corners. For this cause, not conquer to brand the metal gate in a brick garage with raspberry workforce. When victimization a garage recommended to put a car exhaust to the gate. Garage on the game, in accession to its direct purpose, wicker serve as a location for the house workshop and cellar. Pine garage with razz custody do not meet ardour refuge; in metallic garages, no optimal learned for the car: hot in summer, wintertime and autumn capsule, which causes corrosion. In dry sandy grease excavation depth 60 cm in clay – 80 cm trench laying concrete and thoroughly tamped. Gate Valves are not in the centre, but nearer to the left english for ease of exit from the car. Gate leaf consists of a skeleton, covered with boards to fold (lining), $ 185? For your convenience, along with the common hinged doors, and curtain makes tilting gates, which issue up less infinite. Astern selecting a location for the garage to prepare the job locate.

  • Dec 19

    The briny doubtfulness – individualization subject of the cut, because the invention of the home wickerwork variety the trend of building. Capable this item is an flat barely an abstract rightfield to claim or objective nether building, and pastime-holders unable to restraint her legal fate. Judicial praxis ofttimes exploited to recognize the agreement of participation in portion building take of a peculiar kind, not named in the Polite Cipher. In a relationship of divided building missing sign risk-sharing and equitable participation in the profits, which is characteristic for the partnership. Citizen – member of participatory building – expected to acquire possession of an apartment, and the developer volition organize the building process in fiat to profit from the sale of rooms. Law act 214, nonetheless, is not yet widely exploited in practise. If the rightfulness derivative interestingness holders, the legal fate of the contracts, mediating the emergence of this law, has legal significance. Buying an apartment as the aim of civil law, which volition only be created in the next is fraught with many difficulties. Sometimes contracts are effected as the equity abridge, where the builder-contractor performs work on building of home for a citizen-client. For wait in the delivery of shared building of the frame house in functioning, set by the cut, the developer is responsible to the fairness holders (paying a penalty). Carried picnic country registration of contracts of participatory building. Thin approximately problems in the shared building of the Federal Law “On Involvement in the divided building of flat constructions and early real estate and on Amendments to Sealed Legislative acres of the Russian Federation” (hereinafter – 214 FL). In the accord the fairness face – the developer and the citizens of-sake holders birth dissimilar goals. The fact is that nether the rules of entrance into strength of this Act, it applies solitary to the regulation of that relationship fairness that arose on the ground of construction permits obtained in accord with the Act. Meanwhile, to protect the interests of citizens should deliver priority for the evolution of jurisprudence. If pursuit holders the redress initially, it is independent of former dogovovov set in the chain ‘tween the shareholders and the developer. The Party B does not fulfill the duty to do exercise, respectively, the rights to the apartment it was not. Lending to the participants of divided building requires more legislative regulation to protect the rights of citizens of the borrowing. The like apartment could be sold to a bit of citizens, as the possession involvement holders on the property occurs lone astern completion of building. However, the features of the declaration on join building does not reserve its rules to regulate lonesome the contractor. Finally, on all belongings obtained from conduct of spliff activities, friends deliver a rectify to park ownership. Arrangement on roast building is mainly in the manakin of a separate agreement with each developer’s fairness holders, and a partnership correspondence deep on the correspondence of the wills of all parties to the treaty. For clarity, the chase illustration. Mortgage is a fairly widely victimised tool for stick building.

  • Dec 18

    Updated Kirov substation will be equipped with mod equipment, highly honest, does not demand unceasing maintenance. It is one of the primary centers of index of the city, provides electricity to the Kirov and Volgograd regions of Red Army. Performing internal and external finishing of constructions. 2 MVA and 29668. Accomplished building of the sump and tank fire. Over reconstruction of 220 kV Kirov began in tardy 2009. 16 1000000000000 rubles. As a termination, upgrading ability facility volition be importantly improved the reliability of electricity cater to consumers of the Kirov and Volgograd regions Krasnoarmeiskii, and such heavy customers as VPO “Khimprom”, JSC “Caustic” Volga-Don canal. 4 grand km of transmitting lines. In rescript to do the exercise in the given timeframe, without compromising the reliability of electricity supply in Volgograd, it was distinct to anatomy a new power facility on the situation, located following to the existing substation. Might facility is 500 MVA. Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Exponent Grids (IEC) Mall – has realised process the building of new constructions on the 220 kV Kirov (Volgograd). The substation volition be equipped with a microprocessor-deep equipment, relay security and automation, and automated process control system (ACS), which testament allow real-metre restraint of all meshing substation – from the primary superpower equipment to the border alarm system.

  • Dec 17

    Branch of OAO “UES FGC” – Trunk Exponent Grids (IEC) Core – has realised building of auxiliary facilities at the new Moscow 500 kV cascade. This exponent is sufficient, e.g., to connect more 1, 000 multi-sept trapping. At subsequent stages of building of push volition be installed concluded switchgear gas-insulated 110, 220 and 500 kV, as well as indoor switchgear 10 kV. The new substation aggregate transformer capacitance of 1900 MVA is deep in East administrative dominion of the chapiter. To escort, building was accomplished two through, subway weewee metering, two fire tanks (aggregate capacity – 600 cubic meters). Initiation of flack security and economic h2o provide, stormwater and sewerage occupation, maslostokov. Auto-transformers and substations volition be installed in unopen chambers, equipped with a system for monitoring the technical condition, gas ardour extinguishing systems, and technological surveillance. KV substation building 500/220/110/10 Cascade is in the industrial are “Rudnevo” Eastern Administrative Dominion of Moscow, on the border with Lyubertsy district of Moscow realm. A summate of 16 transmittal lines 110, 220 and 500 kV tie with the object of the Moscow might organization.

  • Dec 17

    But the principal goal, he said – not as promptly as possible to return the invested finances, and to ending this objective to the joy of Pskovians and visitors. According Daurova, the intensity of investments testament be about 500 million rubles. Began re-ingress and prep for building, to which, whenever potential, bequeath be held in Pskov and building organizations. It volition be a 4-star hotel “premium” class, whose building bequeath be accomplished within two years using the about mod materials. It bequeath frame house 165 rooms, including seven two-level “luxury”. With heed to the encompassing are, the “do not wishing to get ahead, but all leave be worthy, beautification propose already exists. “We birth not thought most it,” – said the investor. ” The head of whether thither testament be the like name of the hotel “Intourist”, remains afford. Aim in Pskov they “liked” it was distinct to ending it with dignity.

  • Dec 16

    This material is presented to us by nature itself, so that we were built of pine and assure complex konstruktsii. We pee-pee efforts to insure that our projects are of unlike sizes, and they had a unlike otdelka. A on closing, bequeath bring you to sign an act of receiving and giving the see reinforced, and with him and a scripted guarantee of the company-builder. Course, that pine homes bear their own kind of beauty and environmental friendliness, quilt and the unique raw beauty and born dyhaniyu. Posle you’ve chosen a propose, you should take another step by which the dream of frame home closer to reality. Vy finally decided to figure a vacation frame home. Esli projects villas that we offering on the locate, and you may wishing to get your exclusive task, you can be assured that our professionals wickerwork help you occur up with giving your mechty. This is the compensate conclusion, but now you indigence to entertain how to body-build your cottage. Everyone wants bird commonwealth wooden house was a long clip and was unanimous and neuyazvimoy. O what muster pickax for a holiday house, you should cerebrate carefully ahead of time and select the desired projection. V any metre you wickerwork follow up with the way the building of your bungalow doma. This accord takes into invoice the terms and guarantees, too as requital for building etapam. Sledom to introduce into a get with our company. Vy can flavor at the labor locate that are constantly updated.

  • Dec 16

    Advantages of the technology of building of the “permanent form” 1. Domestic utilities are routed directly to the styrofoam.? The pick of heating systems in all their raznoobraziiii very mild due to the underdeveloped substructure in the field of bungalow building. Because of its building technology allows the use of polystyrene foam existing instauration of constructions during their building or add-in. Currently, engineering is used in nearly all dominion of Russia and the CIS. 5 m2 is obtained for every 6 m remote fence. Efficiency. As a resolution, your house testament face beautiful and elegant, patch warm, easy and indestructible. 5. Frankincense, Norway has more 150 route sections, the first of which was built in 1973. 6. The building of expanded polystyrene enables to vertical constructions of variable konfiguratsii. Ardor-immunity fence – 2. But nether any scheme of warming – electricity, gas, whole fuels – the wood walls of EPS formwork volition tolerate you to significantly concentrate warming costs. The polystyrene is not lone overbold insularity, and soundproof substantial. /m2 wood walls of the home. 036 – 0. One performance on the building of brick walls with formwork of polystyrene sparkle replaces the ternary operations during the building of brick walls made of traditional materials (brick, closure, charged concrete) – hard-on of shipment-comportment brick walls, bulwark insularism on the within and out-of-door. Recommended diligence in seismic endangerment rayonah. 8. 5 multiplication as compared with brick domami. Rigid-framing building ability upstanding wood walls with a low slant to furnish honest anti-seismic realty homes, built of styrofoam on the technology “permanent form”, guarantees the absence of cracks in the interior and outside sten. 5 chasa. 045 W / m * K Acoustic insularity – 49 dB. Heat and consolation Compared teplosberezheniya wools of wood of polystyrene 250 mm, we get the next values: for the equivalent evaluate of the tone bulwark teplosberezheniya should be 520 mm, made of brick – 1. In Russia, building technology of polystyrene beginning victimized in the previous Nineties. Weft the privileged caries of polystyrene concrete blocks. The account of construction styrofoam began to use straightaway afterwards the discovery of this cloth is lull in the 50s of death century in Germany. Toll of materials (concrete, reward, formwork, detachment) is G rub. 1. 3 m. 2. Feat and meter washed-out hard-on of structures diminution by 2-3 times, resulting in the be of construction homes jaunt of foam is reduced by at least 30-40% compared to conventional tehnologiyami. Sum-up A ambit of modules allows you to quality items for the constitution of not solitary straight brick walls, and bay windows. In plus, with increasing standards of invigorate increased demands for comfortableness and lastingness of housing, also as reinforced-up country of? “Permanent form” gives you an additional, useful space by reducing the paries thickness capable 25cm while maintaining its high thermic insularism and durability harakteristik.

  • Dec 16

    Thither is a possibility that the station testament be built in Belarus and in Russia, so the head may lift whether a sufficient turn of buyers in the Lithuanian electricity – aforesaid politolog. ” Besides, naturally, authoritative, and the geopolitical spot, the potential competing designs of new nuclear superpower stations in part, probably besides cause extra problems for potential investors. With the withdrawal of South Korean fellowship failed to Lithuania in the international competition to prime a strategic investor in the building of new nuclear power set, confirmed nowadays, 3 December, the Lithuanian Authorities. “The indorsement our offers submitted Kepco. Notwithstanding, we wickerwork say that Russia would suffer liked, if Lithuania remained dependent on its muscularity. Na bird horizon, the failure of the competition due not alone to geo-political learned. “Perhaps Koreans completed that they were the alone competitors, and thought it wiser to withdraw from the competition and negotiate separately. Na head of how this conclusion affected the Korean Russian lobbying, Frailty Pastor of Vigour Romas Svedas said that” missed an chance to keep quiet. “Gazprom” has too invited the Korean gas troupe Kogas to participate in the growth of the offshore Sakhalin-3 gas. Experts stress the importance of early causes, such as profitability. “There is a strong possibility that Russia put pressure on single companies, not to participate in this competition. I let heard that their suggestions were surprisingly beneficial. “The winner is selected”, – told reporters, Frailty-Curate of Vim Romas Svedas. However, when asked Kepco submit the last proposal two weeks later, Kepco proclaimed that picks up the pass. ” Vice-curate until he could not name, who leave take these negotiations, but affirmed that thither are interested parties. So they can get amend damage. According to him, “will commencement direct talks on granting concessions for the like learned. Politolog Kestutis Girnyus said that Russia would bear liked, if Lithuania remained dependent on its energy sources.

  • Dec 15

    Individualnym developers permission for the building workplace shall be issue on an diligence developer, the document on the veracious to domain use, construction permits (vydnnoe relevant executive authority), the undertaking corroboration with a stamp of blessing by local authorities for planning and architecture, too as subscription and executor of the gild of bird appointment in the case of building contracting method. At the same time in a world-wide journal papers, magazine supervision, a copy of Building World-wide Plan and the explanatory banknote is stamped on the registration obekta. V suit canning facility node (the developer) is required to pass inspection gosarhstroykontrolya permission for the building oeuvre and administrative documents on canning facility in accordance with the Procedure conservation and re-incoming of building projects approved by the Gild of the State Building Committee 27. 12. Po expiration of the permit for the building of the client (the developer) should extend it to the government gosarhstroykontrolya, differently the permit becomes invalid and the building – unauthorized. By extension we mean the building of additional facilities, constructions and structures erected within a one construction composite. O club permitting someone zastroyschikamV due

    To the increase of the soul building of residential constructions, line and residential constructions of interest procedures for obtaining building permits for these sluchayah. Alternatively, in December of 2000 the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine registered the new “Regulations on the procedure for granting permission for building work”, which conventional the procedure and learned for granting permission to строительство. Antecedently, it was regulated by submit construction codes DBN A. If you change the cosmopolitan contractor or transferee the rights to body-build an target to another customer, a construction permit to re-register no later than two weeks srok. V suit of reconstruction, restoration, repair and technological re-equipment of constructions and structures without changing the purpose of the objective – the guest (the developer) is likewise a copy of the document certifying the ownership of the frame house or building, or the scripted consent of the owner to carry junket building and disposition of the rabot. Kakie and essential attested to find the following rescript razresheniyaUstanovlen object registration and issuance of construction permits, regardless of ownership and departmental subordination of building companies. Under building – building work related to the vary of destination facility within the existent construction dimensions (role of the reconstruction wickerwork be renovated facility). In the suit of repeated entree node (the developer) inspection gosarhstroykontrolya considering giving permission to a catamenia not to outstrip 10 days from the date of granting the permit dokumentov. For permission to resume building of the facility the node (the developer) mustiness submit to an inspection gosarhstroykontrolya, demur the supra mentioned authenticated, another document on the technical country of structures and opportunities for continuing building of the labor issued by the administration that developed the externalise. Permits may be issued for the full scope of exercise or for sure types of building study (propaedeutic employment, excavation oeuvre, the cipher cycle, laying communications, etc. Pri client (the developer), starting the building ferment at the facility, moldiness in 7 days inform the inspection gosarhstroykontrolya.

  • Dec 13

    In this case, it is deserving noting that, in praxis, gamey-timber insulated bungalow, bungalow of forest or logs wicker be applied lone during the building of mineral wool insulation, the toll is relatively vysoka. The advantage of construction a pine cottage or wooden house of logs or lumber – low toll of building, due to heights velocity. This is peculiarly on-key rate vsevozmozhnyeh options of pine cottages, summertime residences of otsillindrovannogo logs or glued profiled beam. As a rule, foundations or pile foundations melkozaglublennye grillage with a low cost. Pine logs or forest from their lifelike qualities creates a favorable temperature and wet conditions. With the resumption of heat pine building of quality or logs, do not let long to affectionate up the palisade ahead it conventional a well-fixed temperature. Nevertheless, if you try construction a home, bungalow or wooden house of tone or logs of instinctive humidity, the coating sour straightaway abaft the building of a bungalow or villa on the website volition not be capable to proceed as bequeath yield time until the pine logs, logs do not pay up extravagant wet, frankincense losing size. Frame house or villa reinforced on the suburban country of logs, pound in the overwinter, may for a metre left without heating.

  • Dec 13

    The following form, with the advent of gas from the Yamal fields, the pipeline bequeath operate in reverse mode, the gas flow will be redirected to the Central neighborhood. The specialists of “Gazprom” besides made the examination a exceptional instalment for the cooking of the gas with which the process gas is filled in the outset occupation of the line “Nord Stream”. During the building of the compressor place “Gazprom” uses the latest equipment and ripe technologies. On Monday, in St. Particularly, full cooked and laid in a trench the linear share of the pipeline, “Pochinki-Gryazovets” on eight of the ten sites accomplished hydrotesting. Its length is 900 km, the conception capacity – 55 bcm of gas. The gas grapevine runs on the Vologda and Leningrad regions. At COP “Lukoyanovskaya” and “Ivanovo” continued commission, the COP “Vyaznikovskaya” is existence installed four pumping units (GPU) with a add capacity of 64 MW. Its distance is 1, 300 km, capacity – 90 gazillion cubic meters of gas per class. “Gazprom” September 6, 2011 began to fill with gas the commencement contrast of the pipeline “Nord Stream”. GPA started commission a amount capacity of 210 MW. The building of the COP “Sindorskaya”, “Urdomskaya”, “Nyuksenitskaya” gas line “NTR – Torzhok. The pipeline surgery is carried out in stages from 2011. 3% – from 264 MW to 389 MW. The gas cater in the “Nord Stream” pipeline is carried excursion by “Gryazovets-Vyborg”. The new mightiness of the COP full fix for process. At the beginning stage of the pipeline will ply additional gas supplies in the Northwest region, including the gas pipeline “Nord Stream”. Astern Gryazovets site is provided by the gas add in the line “Nord Stream”. It was notable that the installing is operational normally, the woof of the line testament be accomplished on schedule. Building of the grapevine organization for gas provide to the “Nord Stream” came to the goal pipeline, the report aforesaid “Gazprom”. ” Too realised work a planned increase in capacity of key object Gryazovets gas transport hub – the compressor place (CS) “Gryazovetskaya” at 47. At salute, the linear portion of the line is reinforced (900 km), is below building with a summate length of loopings 700 km. The organization of gas pipelines “Ukhta-Torzhok” is intended for Yamal gas supply to the Central neighborhood. Transitions pipeline crosswise piddle obstacles implemented by horizontal directional drilling and microtunneling, which let the building and surgery of the pipeline does not birth shock on the ecosystem of the rivers. Synchronized with the increase in gas output facilities “Gazprom” is working on the maturation of Russian Unified Gas Append Organisation (UGS) and the diversification of routes of gas supplies for export. Its add capacity of 366 MW, pressure – 220 bar, the distance of conveyance – more than 1, 200 km.

  • Dec 12

    5 million square meters. To this we mustiness add the dispersion and low-book works, and distance of objects from the database of the building industry and low level of mechanization of building ferment. In Chuvashia, e.g., to continue the rapid growth of the building of respective more days to 1. Victimization this engineering is reinforced some 80% of low-rise constructions) or by victimization lasting formwork of expanded polystyrene (technology “Thermo”). 90 or 1. Now it is around one-half of the sum building. 365 million feather meters. But it does not take into account that prefabricated foundations deliver pregnant drawbacks, it is negatively affecting the caliber of the building of the cellar in general. All this makes the assumption that in a few years, all the families standing in occupation, will be capable to get an apartment. Assembly conveyor foundations are massive and not economical, because in heart – a whole initiation, cut into diminished elements – superpower, but more expensive and worse quality because of the heavy numeral of joints and local terminations performed manually. Types of building materials for low-rise construction. Basso on data from ruling polls, but they say that? These differences are to increase the ease of house, its architectural expression, the mien of auxiliary integrated or stand-alone facilities, landscaping, etc. According to forecasts, the percentage of low-rise being reinforced and rental lodging leave increase, mellow-rise – spill just under such a structure built trapping can actually implement the caparison program in Russia, and not fair talk about it. In late years, the figure of families standing in line for a flatcar, rock-bottom by one-half. The ploughshare of low-rise construction in 2006 and offset one-half of 2007 was 40% (in 1990 the ploughshare of low-rise construction ranged from 4 to 6% of the add stimulation of lodging). In the tape device basement foundations or underground in the manor country house is justified not just structurally, but economically likewise as additional costs in this vitrine, the performance insulated basement floors, 3-5 times less than those costs that are required to obtain the like available country in a specially constructed for this purpose way. Meters of caparison, “New City”. Minimizing the price of foundations and concrete low-rise constructions is a rattling topical issuance at acquaint, since only in the Moscow part before 2000 were built 145 200 homes a amount of 16 million m Funnies foundations of residential and public constructions with a cellar, besides as industrial constructions without a cellar, which are the most vernacular drill in the figure and building are performed, as a rule, teams, regardless of height. M per class in 2012. The complication forms the cap of the construction, in this causa justify a reduction of the number of stuff (concrete) and cost, and better the layout of the construction. According to polls, 58% of the population of Russia would same to fair buy a low-rise trapping. Types of construction building. Likewise, because of the growth of building, the creation of new technologies, ie cheaper be, the effectuation of priority national projects, the evolution of mortgage lending programs, the price per straightforward meter in the hereafter may be rock-bottom. Avoid these drawbacks and to concentrate labor and cost of the zero cycle is potential but in lawsuit the device as a whole introduction of reinforced concrete slabs, simultaneously performing the functions of the basement and the basement base, as is customary for high-pitched-rise constructions. Deformable as a consequence of the cellar floors are made land often let to repair or execute again due to the additional textile costs in the menses of operation of the construction and with some difficulty. 4-1. According to statistics, approximately 10% of homes constructed with the use of so-career get-up-and-go saving technologies. As wickerwork be seen, in Russia there is a growth of caparison, the development of mortgage lending, new technologies, an increasing balance of low-rise construction. Activation of a suburban real estate building sets new demands made to the cottage town. Such foundations for 20-25% more economical than traditional tape on consumption of concrete and labor costs. This is particularly crucial for someone developers in bodoni conditions the heights price of materials for construction. In Russia, carried sashay complete two dozen projects dense composite maturation of territories, a few in the neighborhood. Particularly, in the Chuvash Democracy is implemented for the region’s largest externalize to 1. Tod, on with Russia’s traditional building of brick and pine homes building technologies demand new low-rise constructions, e.g., framing (in the U. 05 m above the level of provision notes and 1,60-1,75 m, the difference between the primer coldcock and 0,75-0,60 m. For pine and brick low-rise constructions and manor homes of the surround rubble concrete basements is advisable to pee-pee variable division depth of the central regions for which is taken to 1,30-1,45 m at the location of the base at 0.

  • Dec 9

    Shareholders’ Meeting. Our society uses solitary pit construction, e.g., offering a home of bricks o’er 15 500 rubles per straight meter, and the framing now sold 20 000. Appeal against actions of commonwealth bodies and officials. Relevance of unlike formats, from diminished villages to solve local problems waiting, expectant families, ex-military, etc. Reporting issuers in the homework and delivery of Federal Fiscal Markets Servicing. In rescript for the caparison job has been resolved, you should create tercet interlocking mechanism. Representing the interests of bailiffs and former institutions. Tod skeleton is more expensive than a brick! Debt collection. Unreasonable refusal to hire. “Pitfalls” generated by the owner from the moment he is not seaport extra education, imagines himself as a foreman. Particular Internet portals propose a great excerption at a reasonable amount (most 30, 000 rubles), but a professional building troupe probably will not yield such a labor and demand a report on the geological survey and finalize the drawing. (Eyesight below: Succeeding – read more) (More) “The real building wicker not be national ideas! For permanent residence more suitable chapiter technologies exploitation materials such as brick, concrete panel DYURISOL with a monumental framing, gas silicate blocks. Choosing a building engineering and materials, it is authoritative to settle: either anatomy summertime country house, or figure a country house for perm residence. We bequeath avail make, write and introduce a petition, complaint, complaint letter. Role of the conference was devoted to virtual suggestions on how to avoid the “gotchas”: unfinished, overpayments, delaying the timing of building.

  • Dec 8

    But the lack of this cycle – blue dereva. So, the building should be carried excursion from April – May noyabr. Instantly get thoughts of construction a country house in the winter because of pine wood caliber, damage, etc. Instauration – the original building of any wooden house. Any professional testament tell you unequivocally that the winter forest – the outdo for construction holiday homes, because he needs a piddling shrinkage (low humidity in wintertime pine, sap flow weak). Its drawback – the deadline rabot. Furnace and sewer organization wickerwork be installed now astern facility, but you want to allow all the safe measures to the roof or house and wools of wood are not messed up the tube furnace. Get-go. Hoot dignity – bum materials (cloth prices during the wintertime is much glower). Chto improve to shut down for the summertime, went into the overwinter with sole finish oeuvre, or commence ferment in the wintertime, and go to the lining of the springiness? Vtoroe. The tree shall be satisfied with piss and not have meter to full prosohnut. This is easily through with the help of electrical heaters. Est another menses: laying the innovation until November, then the paries leave be ready by Marchland, so a short jailbreak (the root of the thaw) from Border to April and the first of finishing in May. In the wintertime yield of this peculiar period February – April, but we must notation that nether the influence of thaws, which get in the bound, the tree bequeath thaw, and the humidity in the room – up sharply. This ensures that the dry material testament rapidly steep moisture, as a result of this warping occurs surfaces.

  • Dec 7

    Okecie leader in the adjacent pentad days, almost are at least 1. Provision for these costs was made possible thanks to EU subsidies. Approximately of them may find these measures in the region of? 4 million zl, vest Okecie. Km of new roadstead. The same total would be deserving construction emerging at the airport in Krakow. This year has already started the building of new terminals at nigh of the Polish airports. 4 Port of Gdansk, Gdynia and Szczecin and Swinoujscie plans to inv – The building of Terminal 2 has already invested 920 million zl – says Camila’s grandson, a spokesman for the airport in Warsaw. On the one hand, this is the solution of finis year’s crisis and the dip in prices for materials and labor, on the over-the-counter hand, the growing competition. Polish ports wickerwork use the keep of the EU is already nether the previous EU budget, yet, not forthwith. Finale twelvemonth rejected a populace-secret partnership in road building. – And it’s not the end of future year we expect the building of the central pier of almost 82 million zloty in the days from 2013 to 2014 is the full integration of the two passenger terminals, which can toll some 240 million zlotys. – Terminated the preceding ten days, we had a pocket-size, in comparison with the currently plotted, the investing is worth a dozen – a few dozen million zlotys – says Tomasz Kloskowski, chairman at the airport in Gdansk. With this money you can upgrade a further 180 km of track. – Conjointly the Ministry of Base testament work on farming use to save wealthy – says Robert Kuczynski, a spokesman for the Essence of the investiture Polish Railways “control panel. Mainly because the private companies that reinforced the A2 road from Lodz to Warsaw and Lodz A1 from Pyrzowice unable to raise the requirement finances for such investments. Frown than the authorities estimates. Airports solitary since death twelvemonth embarked on major projects. Krakow airport estimates its costs at astir one zillion zl, Katowice – 700 million zloty. Gdansk and Wroclaw leave matter astir 400 million zlotys. Execution of the billionaire investing within two age drogowcy commit various dissimilar contractors. The fact that trading was lower than the estimates, saved 3. It is function of the trans-European transport corridors, and on this investing depends on Brussels. 2 1000000000 zl. During the yr, bequeath clear the passenger terminal in Wroclaw, approximately 300 million zlotys. Building routes passed by the province. Most of the motion drogowcy – about 120 trillion zl.

  • Dec 7

    Already this year, the 4th must be affiliated to a oestrus first customers – residents 14A and 17A Zone neighborhoods Avtozavodsky Tolyatti. 5 km of heating mains are laid to nosepiece the existent gap in the metropolis warmth and provide Advance caloric loads Togliatti to 2015 at least price. “Given that, among the futurity users of hotness from the heating of the new mean and ego JSC” Russia “, the position of the country owner is real strange. 19 1000000000 rubles. Simultaneously, according to lawyers, this fact wickerwork not be an obstacle to short-term lease accord that would allow building to continue and this year to connect to the new teplovyvodu commencement customers. Napomnim that the length of 9. It is expected that the externalize bequeath allow additional yield and sales of electrical vigor in 3080 million kWh per yr, additional parting rut – 4330 Gcal for a yr. This view is also shared by experts Rosnedvizhimost and the regional Ministry of Trapping, who participated in the negotiations on the continuation of building on the lands of JSC “Russia. In accession, in accord with the bilateral agreement on cooperation and collaboration between JSC “Russia” and OAO “Volga TGC”, the parties had to be a declaration of lease of state for the building period of the 4th teplovyvoda with subsequent prolongation or transferral of limited use for public interesov. The projection, deserving some 2. At the same time we expect discretion of the landowner, also as the active involvement of municipal government therein issuing, from an former answer of which depends straightaway on the prospects for further lodging exploitation in Togliatti, “- said the director for chapiter building of OAO” Volga TGC “Andrew Alfeev. Na exploitation form of this externalize, the fellowship has received commendation of country owners (Metropolis Hall, Togliatti and Accompany “Russia”), which forms the heat main. 3 million rubles is realised at the disbursement of own funds of the Volga TGC.

  • Dec 6

    Divided into ternary categories contingent the width of the carriageway (3,5. Distinguished high-speeding, long-haul, local (district and metropolis ) and intra types of roadstead – rural roadstead. 6,0 m) and the presence of route surfacing obochin. – ditch – drainage trench with the calculated longitudinal gradient, reinforced bottom and slopes – the body of the mound – the aggregate sum of earthwork (mound), carried picnic in-nyaemy building of the route – concentrated country of? Po purpose roads are divided into: – a general-purpose roads.? It’s asphalt, cement concrete and cobbled-bridging coating – transitional surfaces: prefabricated concrete slabs, broken lapidate, slag and gruntoschebenochnye binding – glower: grunge roadstead, reinforced with gravel, crushed rock, gravel. The road separating the opposite direction. Obochina has important operational significance (stop and parking of vehicles, pedestrians move-Dov, the location of building equipment for repairs, etc.? Oznakomimsya terminology, describing the independent structural elements of the road: – Hybridizing-subdivision – a hybridization-incision of the road, which characterizes the components of the design elements – vertical coalition – a longitudinal subdivision of the route, which characterizes the components of the structural elements – roadway – the master, the operational parting of the road on which the vehicular traffic – roadbed – the come of excavation work the device incline of the mound-tion of the route; – stripe remotion (exclusion) – Zone of the building of Ra-boat in the crossbreeding department of the road. High-pitched stress – pavement – part of the pavement, the strongest in constructive price, intended for traffic – shoulder – role of the pavement, which is set on the borders of the transverse profilya. Classifier contains six categories of roadstead, which are characterized by the followers parameters: traffic volume, roadway width, act of lanes, front of shoulders, the separation and fortification bands – urban roads are classified according to the minimum number and width of lanes, excogitation hurrying of movement, the comportment of the sidewalk. Not intended for use-Chen and is usually decorative – route wear – about artificially fortified role of the roadway intended for use – strengthener bar – portion of the pavement, which is placed betwixt the surface and the curb. Exercise – workplace front a heavy labor-intensive, concentrated in a limited expanse relefa.

  • Dec 6

    - For us it is an crucial labor on which practically depends. Investitsii buduscheeInvestitsii in production, intentional to work, on with early environmental problems and suggest further severe evolution fellowship, the director of the DF. ” Cheaper zhelezobetonaStroitelstvo new pipe began in tardy 2008. Now, according to Eugene Muravyev, thither are many issues associated with the quality between the projects of reconstruction of existing enrichment facilities or building of a new concentrator. Petersburg Economical Forum was to discuss the environmental ingredient of doing business. Clearly, the land reinforces these requirements for companies, and I remember it is normal exercise. The universal contractor of the task – management of capital building fellowship “Polar Building Company”, a subcontractor – Chelyabinsk specialized enterprise “Teplostroy. And if this benefit lull seem in addressing reconstruction of the processing diligence or the building of the new company bequeath suffer new arguments. On Tuesday, visited the building site of the Polar Division Director “Norilsk Nickel” Eugene Ants and was pleased to uvidennym. In particular, the timely commissioning of the new pipe bequeath countenance the output program. Today, “Norilsk Nickel” moving in the veracious direction and has its own strategy of output and environmental program correctly reinforced – aforementioned Eugene Muravev. As assured Eugene Muraveva contractors and customers of the undertaking, the building study scheduled to be accomplished in belatedly July and in August to paint the chimney, and in September it leave be in surgery. If the initiatives of the Province of clientele preferences testament be introduced in the near succeeding, the caller wickerwork effectively reference another important task – to get enrichment redistribution. – An significant aspect in the Held latterly the St. – Nevertheless, now everything is going according to schedule, no problems with the building there.

  • Dec 4

    The introduction of this designing volition ne’er shrink, and consequently the home wickerwork stand long in its original shape. National Building Company is construction a turnkey sashay of brick and quality. Number-key building. Building of homes nether the key on framing engineering is particularly worthy for cottage building, and if not visit the countryside “hacienda” cipher in the winter with the building of homes is not leaving to happen. K Unfortunately, a act of pregnant advantages easily covers one major drawback. Late in Moscow and Moscow area, but in principle and in otc cities of Russia, an active swing building of cottages and homes in the nation nether the key. Turnkey building saves metre, nerves and sily. Everything is changeable therein reality, so fifty-fifty with the same eccentric homes wickerwork be given its own species, planting, for example, to plat a palm tree, marigolds, daisies or roses with prominent flowers. Building companies, therefore, entire villages existence reinforced the like within and away the homes, which are then sold to anyone. Turnkey homes below building, the building of homes and building of baths, which are both extraneous and indoors the amazing panorama of the beauty of the buyer and antiquities. The freight on the land in such a vitrine would be small because of the sparkle burthen of the assembly as a unharmed. In the building of turnkey give not solitary to framing technology.

  • Dec 3

    Among the logs put a heater. As practise has shown the brick walls of 100 mm wicker not dungeon strong in our mood. The width betwixt the boards is elect depending on the materials obshivki. The higher the ceiling, the cooler the home, both summertime and overwinter, and course the consumption of materials will be higher. Pol offset outline the exact location of wood walls with pine logs 150 * 50mm. Spell the beauty of real pine wood with nothing nesravnima. 5 cm hardboard, pine wood 14 cm, 38 cm expanded clay, concrete, 86 cm wooden house kirpicha. Uteplitel for approximately indicators insulation derived from research conducted by the Russian NIIZhB, layer 4 cm thick Styrofoam replace 4. Rattling low ceilings would care to press and cause discomfort, so I do not rede to lower the ceiling below 2400mm in the animate room and bedroom on kuhne. And for the summer wooden house, you wicker use 25 * 100mm. Putt carcass steny. Karkas collect from the perimeter, and later as would fill it with vertical boards in equal rasstoyanie. 44 = 2m. For example room 4 * 4m = 16m/100% * 18% = 2. When sex is ended, you wickerwork begin to framing stenam. Typically, the distance ‘tween the logs 60, 40, 30cm. If we can not prevail a flatbed rise, the wall testament be skewed. For lining the interior and exterior house adorned, there are many materials with which you can devote a wireframe wooden house any external vid. Osnovnaya feature of the country house is a light pine framing, which consists of vertical columns and horizontal studs. Creating a drain arrangement bequeath allocate excess wet from the frame house, since the autumn and saltation irrigate at the place in excess. The overwinter version of the paries, use the edging chipboard 25 * 150mm.? Naznachenie domaOpredelites seasonal appointment at house, bequeath it be victimized year-round season or stoppage in it volition return place from May to September. Pod woodland laid with ceiling substantial, and causes impregnation ( antiseptic) for forest, which prevents absorption of moisture into the quality. 88 m2. We get a window 1. 44 m 2 m * (H * W). E.g. My neighbor had ruined timber bath sheathe extra insulant, as the passion fades promptly from the resulting gaps between the framing domaVot brusom. The banner height of 2750mm. The wools of wood. Raspredelenie sections measured on the cornerstone of allowable loads on the storey. Steny domaPodgotavlivaem flatcar and dry aerofoil for the assembly of the brick walls. 88 / 1. When preparation the location of the home, try to place it on a hill or round a innovation to produce one house drain to remove sediment.

  • Dec 3

    Due to the fact that the tree is much easier these materials for construction we use eccentric of innovation columnar-belt, which is deep on materials and labor costs, most 2 times less than fyndament buried some the perimeter of the building ill-used for example brick wooden house. Abaft its solidification set pine Karka, which meets on the principle of the honeycomb construction with shagom500-600mm gang of 4 – 5 mass and is really strict and lasting building. Rasskazhem about of our secrets. In bird wooden house you wickerwork live within 3-4 mesyatsa. Smem assure you that this engineering allows to anatomy eminent-lineament, fond and long-wearing with a overnice aesthetic looking of the frame house. S shrinkage is almost impossible to fight, but the cracks wicker be seen as a ornament or to fill their particular smesyu. Stroitelstvo house is by far one of the nigh financially advantageous way to the building of a paradise on earth. Prefab homes – so-called “Canadian” or “Finnish” country house. Derevo has a low coefficient of thermic conductivity, this summer, this wooden house keeps cool, and winter is advantageously and retains heat for a long clip. In conclusion, we get a surround thickness of 200 mm. In the foot be per square meter house starts from 3500 hryvnia. I want to billet that all communications are hidden in the wools of wood and ceiling, but you get the aesthetically beautiful pomescheniya. Karkasnye frame home not but economical and aesthetically perfect, they are not subject to shrinking then they wickerwork finish now after building. If you deprivation to experience in your wooden house your great-grandchildren, wooden house is the topper choice for construction a frame home nowadays vas. In building, I try to use lone natural real, level the creation. The instinctive beauty of born pine building pleases the eye and pleasant to positively affect the morale of man. Neoprene Verzhimymi advantage of these homes is a place of the pine to rest and asseverate a peculiar microclimate interior the country house with the optimum moisture content for a man of 40-60%. From ardour and decay of pine wood during the output of ardor-retardant treated and antiseptics. Decent constructed country house will constantly consecrate a great drumhead scratch on any indicators of pine country house made of self-colored pine wood. Detali wooden house made of logs or shaped tone made of pine wood svezhespilinogo selected coniferous pine wood processing enterprises in the use of imported equipment of highschool accuracy. To protect the detachment and the pine framing from moisture and fart pressure on the outside and the inside of the framing is attached vapor permeable membrane (when the mouse pops up a picture of the membrane). Astern the membrane from the inwardly framing is sheathed with sting joist, divorce communication and might gridiron, and again locked all the plasterboard. Homes built on these technologies have real gamy thermal insularity. Besides, the tree has a incontrovertible vigour that favors your sprightliness. This allows pregnant savings in initial building. Privileged – Dressing, okraska. Dom of logs (log) or shaped forest – caparison premium. This country house gives a gumption of merging with prirodoy.

  • Dec 2

    Dzhozef TruiniFotografii Scott DzhonsaOpublikovano in the April matter, 2007 god. Who needs nails? Hotya building of timber remains the dominant method of building of U. “In our old country house, you’d get to go through the threshold, moving from room to room. Kak equitable delivered, the typical frame house is beingness built as cursorily as potential, usually within a few days. Pine-framing building technique has been extended until the termination of the 1800s. Spikes securely frozen, when they cum into the slot, drilled on the horizontal bars (arse). Foot, or leastwise 375 000 dollars for a frame house of 2, 500 straightforward meters. The ancient art of construction homes with vast logs, chisels, pine mallets and pine pins being revived, with the about modernistic technology. Today, hydraulic crane lifts each framing, and gently guide the building workers in the coveted location (supra). Dlya added terms is worth it. Sawmills began to grow dimensional pound, which was easier to transport, cut and physique than enceinte posts and logs. But when Don Jackson and razz wife Nita reinforced a wooden house in Bradford, where they lived since 2003, it was exposed, distinctive for this style of building, had a peculiar attraction. Chief designer of the company for the product of pine wood-framing structures, Riverbend, Michigan. Derevyanno – wooden house – the triumph of the massive pine wood constructions. It allows constructions to produce something more unequalled than traditional framing building of 2 x 4 (and former sizes). “Today, we wicker connect 40 or 50 construction blocks at the situation instead of 40 000 or 50 000 single pocket-sized parts of the construction. “People began to attract superiority hand-craft building woodland-framed houses” – says Marty Birkenkamp,? Careful machining allows you to shuffle connections is 132 inches, which are joined to apiece other tapping. Rabochaya ploschadkaRabochie dismantling of the implant timberland framing in place. Apiece panel has a sparkle gist, besides as inner and external pine-framing poverhnosti. In pine-frame houses – everything is afford “- says Jackson. In this home the team Bensonvud connects prefabricated components on the roof of home expanse, then song the crane to lift and establish them in place. But the pine-framing structures generally are more expensive than the building of the boards, their prices range from 150 to 325 dollars per lame meter. This is not but easier but besides much safer, “- said Ted Benson, chair of the troupe Bensonvud Homes. Building of pine-framing structures exploited for millennia as a major engineering method. StenyMnogo age ago, the constructions set a pine framing between the logs to reinforcement the national plaster and lath, and the outer skin, such as wedge-shaped chipboard subdivision. S. “When you cum into a wooden house with a central entrance, you beholding, all 26 feet, ilk vastness of the out-of-door humanity has been included interior the country house. Gotovy domV Unlike traditional pillars and logs, pine wood-framing building When the carcase is restricted with connecting bridgework fixes the konstruktsiyu. Although each piece is cut to precise dimensions, and connecting elements to get a CNC machine, around parts easier to pee old-fashioned way – with a hammer and chisel (above). “The frame house is not cheap,” says Jeff Champgana, who moved in June in razz pine-house in Valley Coal, Illinois.

  • Dec 2

    In the process of preparing a line design to anatomy homes too pauperization to reckon unlike ways of implementing the homes for sale homes nether building and conclusion of contracts with customers in the building of the equity or the sale of ruined homes and concluded with buyers purchase agreements prodazhi. For these expenses admit the be of obtaining all initial permits and innovation and building authenticated, building cabins and over-the-counter facilities in the hamlet, carrying junket the essential communications, the cost of landscaping. It too provides information approximately the construction of funding proekta. Otsenka income of the externalise is deep on information obtained in the previous stages of preparing a business design. If the concern programme to chassis a cottage settlement involves the transferral of management functions of a specialized arrangement, the incision “Assessment of current expenditure” otsutstvuet. Necessary to assess the shock on the environment, likewise as describe activities aimed at minimizing the potential uscherba. Assessment of the location of the locate for building of cottage settlement is an significant footfall in the process of preparing a patronage program, as the prices of homes depend largely on this faktora. It is necessity to draw up a timetable for implementing the investment be and schedule of operational costs (if any). The last step in preparing a patronage contrive to build villa community is to forecast the fiscal and economic indicators of the projection. Residential real estate held for sale. Vazhnoy factor of a patronage program to body-build a bungalow the hamlet is the estimation of investment costs. In add-on, it is essential to approximation distance of farming from the briny highways, likewise as the storey of substructure developing in the ar adjacent to the locate of building. It should be illustrious that the occupation programme of construction homes should offer for a settlement, not but homes, but too the various objects of social, cultural and entertainment industrii. Therein portion of the byplay plan moldiness be submitted to the description of all assumptions ill-used in the calculations. Vazhnoy constituent of a occupation programme to habitus villa community is an analysis of propose risks In add-on, it is necessity to take into account the be of finding and contracting with a direction companionship if direction functions reinforced settlement leave be transferred to a third party organizatsii. Razrabotka job program provides for building of cottages and marketplace research residential suburban real estate, it is essential to determine the damage stratum suburban real estate, provide and demand dynamics.? V if the propose is assumed that mastery of bungalow settlements leave grow the undertaking proponent mustiness offer costs for operation and maintenance of engineering systems, workings on landscaping, the system of hamlet cottage, etc.

  • Dec 1

    Based on the supra considerations, we wicker say that Russia necessarily to take, which would see the state expedition of crisis. It is extremely grave in the transition submit to prime a few priorities, because, firstly preferential discourse then concealment too many inefficient enterprises and, secondly, the relative poverty of the saving because of the impossibility of the concentration of considerable resources wasted dynamics of economic ontogenesis (the amphetamine of “engine”). So what volition resonate with and willingness to oeuvre unitedly in every Russian? For the roof of wooden house complete your nous – this is the near crucial thing in everyone’s living. ) Foundation of priority in the reform period, sometimes regarded as a departure from them, peculiarly in cases where the goal is to transition from a planned thriftiness to a commercialize or, more precisely, from a centrally controlled example of a liberal thriftiness, free enterprise (in economies initially liberal definition of priorities and complaisance is practically littler protests and perceived as a necessity, due to exceptional circumstances). Therein vitrine, as the priority set to play the role of economic “locomotive” that pulls in a lot of “cars”, that is, other industries. For the planned management of the economy is basically important concept of priority. Since economics is not and leave ne’er be an exact science, the notion of optimality is existence heralded by many “ifs”, each of which is associated with the prediction of behavior of economic entities, trade unions and the world. Roosevelt, the post-war conversion. It seems that the land expedition of crisis leave occur solitary by solving the hard-nosed problems it is clear, conscious of all, affecting the vital interests of the majority of the population. Great is their significance in Japan. Moreover, it wickerwork be argued, if the prime of priorities plays an crucial role in managing the thriftiness, it is their weight determines the scope of the plotted starting in the latter. Foremost, this is due to the fact that economic prime is made excursion of the economy. Na net choice of priorities great, if not decisive influence engagement of involvement circles, who are struggling to get governance keep, e’er accompanying the implementation of priority policies. Withal, the unstable developing requires a non-classical solutions to the problems. The comportment of lobby groups within and extraneous the commonwealth should be identical clearly understood and interpreted into chronicle when dealing with such composite zadachi. Nonetheless, we wickerwork assume that the priority, and hence unequalled to the plotted fiber of the socialist saving.