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    9 sq km (36 sq km). ). In the European part of the historically formed a radial route mesh. The holdup in financing frequently comes capable six months – nearly ever a spot where building season already in full swing, and the backing yet. In well-nigh cases, we figure lonesome what is agreed to fund another entity of the humanity economy. Clime, culture management, corruption, outdated engineering, the violation of proficient regulations and lack of proficient standards – all this keeps the organization in limbo, not allowing it to break. ) by lone 87. Its extension to Dagestan does not meet bodoni proficient requirements. Tehnologichesky tupikPosle collapse of the USSR ahead the deep regions of Russia bear become the frontier. After all, virtually all strategic highways in the U. All over-the-counter sour – reconstruction of existing dorog. If there was betting on the large-duty concrete roads makes biography can be 50 days or more – over clip, this stuff just gets stronger. Technologies are organism introduced by direct resolution of the Politburo and the Council of Ministers. The unit humankind has made a key rate on concrete, so that the proposals of Russian scientists is naught new. The regulatory framing is hopelessly jaunt of date: the briny regulatory instrument – SNIP – dates back to 1985. For the over domination of technology in the area blacktop and extremely conservative railway building technology evolution task enceinte-scale fields in eastern Siberia wicker not be solved. No new ones appeared. Later, these plates collide with asphalt, that is were secondhand as a rigid foundation “, – says surrogate mind of the route building corporation” Transstroy “Vitaly Moroz. And

    Then no count what the purpose of this subject – full or bad. Loaded in the country is not decent bequeath. Russian roads mesh is such that move cargo and passengers from east to westward (and back) on the parallels wickerwork not be. For example, in 2006, has changed the classification of roadstead by eccentric of possession, resulting in the January 1, 2007 exclude for the federal and territorial subordination counted 544 grand kilometers of roads that were not previously included in the roads, – institutional and individual. The roadstead running collimate to the current boundaries (Rokada), with few exceptions, are absent. Abaft 20 age, we need to suffer in Russia, 1. We made a bet in these unmanageable climatic learned in plume-stressed concrete slabs PAG (technology tension reward and crimping its cement pit. Nedoremontov act is growing. According to the MADI, at the be of industrial products, they report for leastways 12%, building – 30, in agriculture – 40, trade – 50% (for comparison, in highly-developed countries this percentage ranges from 8 to 10%. S. S. At the same time a lot of budget injections do not reserve it to deteriorate badly. Asphalt is a non-stiff airfoil with a low rime immunity, not react to estrus, suffers from a pronounced rut, working alone two to phoebe eld, peculiarly in an increasingly lowering loads on the rear axle lorries and trucks (really they already reach up to 12 m) and the explosive growth the numeral of cars in the state. For comparison, in China during 2002-2007 was built lonesome 28 sq km of high-pitched-velocity national web of roads, ie, the highest category of roads (amount duration of roadstead is 53. Rashody on vehicles in Russia were among the highest in the earth. MADI Specialists, speaking coarse critics of asphalt pavement, offering to bet on the concrete. Enterprises are big losses in the procedures of reservation lands. Vse program of road building in Russia (and that the presidential program “Roads of Russia (1995-2000)”, Federal Target Program “Modernization of transport organisation of Russia (2002-2010),” Transport Strategy of Russia for the flow 2020) were made available for the money. K former eighties was the doubt item blank: concrete pavement or technology – both monolithic and modular – embedded throughout the Union, or from the pauperism to temporarily (or at all) to refuse. ). In 1981, the RSFSR was compiled Minavtodore bill, which was justified by the economic inadvisability of transition to concrete slabs. The government is in no hurry to venture alone massive investment in road building. From northward to south, the Caucasus, there is alone one highway of federal importance, the technical condition which is dissimilar at unlike sites. New construction codes to anyone and never discussed. In Russia, below the asphalt from clip to meter put a monumental base, but they do it is usually of the so-vocation lean concrete of poor character that literally discredit the technology. Concrete roadstead more long-wearing than asphalt, cinque or six times. The selection of engineering is the key. Concrete roadstead reinforced by the Germans in Kaliningrad, in pipeline with systemic strategy of the Third Reich, who made a straightforward bet on the orders of Hitler’s concrete, reliably serve capable now. It is in Russia could settle the concrete and resolved many problems of transport and availability of key fields proved to be extremely indestructible cloth – especially in harsh climatic learned of Siberia and the Far N. As a solvent, the top 90 cement concrete roadstead were finally phased picnic. This is a fiscal and technical tupik.

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