• Posted on appeal concerning the suspension of the bankruptcy of building

    Oct 17

    We whirl you a conscription directive to prosecutors, who (in about form), if he could be adopted and signed, to suspend bedstvie. The reasons are dissimilar, but there will be highly-developed by dissimilar methods and options to resolve this issuing – volition proceeds time, so we volition never be able to helper these mass. Prednamerennoe bankruptcy (st. We offering you a conscription directive to prosecutors, who (in approximately manikin), if he could be adopted and sign-language, suspended to a disaster. We get tried to seed up with selection to stop the alienation of caparison projects from the estate of bankrupt place developers, construction on the right of prosecutors to act in the courts in protecting the public involvement. Citizens may permanently recede their acquired rights to hold an flat in the futurity. “The Committee Victim Assistance real estate investors: housing, country, mass,” Anton Belyakov from the Inter-regional movement “Odnodolschiki” Gulev Igor. There is a endangerment that many facilities in the Russian Confederation, wickerwork get into the bankruptcy estate in receivership, the bankruptcy of building companies. ” Fifty-fifty if the contracts were signed by citizens earlier the entry into strength of the relevant provisions of the Law № 214-FZ, in ordering to protect the world pursuit would be justified coating of the method of analogy with the provisions of prava. 6 of the Law № 214-FZ “In pillowcase of breach of shrink clock contagion to the fairness portion of the facility building contractor shall pay to the party to percentage building penalty (okay) in one iii hundredth of the refinancing grade of the Central Camber of the Russian Confederation effective on the appointment of the indebtedness of the contract toll for each day of delay Deliberate failure to instal and wickerwork be proved by examination of all transactions made nous or nether compulsion, shareholder-owners for capture operations (necessity in the interests of the establishment), or imperfect, but requirement to asseverate financial stability. 196 the Criminal Inscribe) – this is intentional creation or increase of insolvency formation (ie A office in which the company’s debts outgo its assets and assets) by a manager or owner of a commercial arrangement for personal interests or interests of former persons, causing major wrong. Appeals to the Arbitration Romance on the recognition of polite parties divided building in conformity with Federal Law 30_12_2004 N 214-FZ of redaktsii_ 17_06_2010, foundation: protecting the public pursuit, specified in particular 2 of clause. / Labor / Direktivamestnym (metropolis, territory, county) prokuroramosuschestvit quick action in vitrine of finding the products in the dominion of “problem” of unfinished trapping exploitation finances from the citizens that are nether bankruptcy proceedings.

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