• Construction a wooden house, pine wood and alloy frames

    Jan 28

    44 m 2 m * (H * W). 5 cm of mineral wool, 6. 5 cm hardboard, pine wood 14 cm, 38 cm expanded clay, concrete, 86 cm house kirpicha. If we can not prevail a matt surface, the bulwark bequeath be skewed. Piece the beauty of real pine wood with nothing nesravnima. Syrost the master foe of a house! Prakticheskie sovety. Steny domaPodgotavlivaem matted and dry open for the assembly of the wood walls. Raspredelenie sections measured on the cornerstone of allowable loads on the floor. Very low ceilings would alike to wardrobe and cause discomfort, so I do not apprize to depress the ceiling below 2400mm in the enliven board and bedroom on kuhne. Typically, the distance betwixt the logs 60, 40, 30cm. Skewed far corner of the frame house should not surpass 1 cm Materials pine home, the coldcock, supporting structures and wood walls wickerwork be made of the same substantial. When planning the location of the wooden house, try to place it on a hill or round a initiation to make one house drainage to remove sediment. 4 m, we get 2. Dlya sidetrack, which is very flexible and bequeath not be any reinforcement for a conception, exploitation a 200-300mm, and chipboard, blockage-country house or pseudo-beam 350-600mm. And attach anchor bolts every 2 and a meter. When choosing windows are guided by seasonal homes, double glazed windows are not needful for a summertime country house and is indispensable in the winter dome. Vse latest achievements in construction technology used successfully in wooden house building, allowing efficient use of framing stroymaterialy. It is significant to set the geometry of your frame home perfectly swimmingly with the stratum. Okna domaSobiraya framing wall country house, do not forget about the windows. We get a window 1. The brick walls. The touchstone height of 2750mm. Victimisation the uncircumcised joist, as the chintzy stuff, do a rasping base. It is also carried excursion house insularism, all voids are filled with insularism with low thermic conductivity. And for the summer home, you can use 25 * 100mm. Among the logs put a heater. Karkas collect from the perimeter, and later as would fill it with vertical boards in equal rasstoyanie.

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